July Favourites

Hello you lovely lot :). Hope you are all well.


I’ve wore this Rimmel Kate Moss matte red lipstick constantly every since I re-purchased it for holiday. I wore it almost every evening when I was away and have worn it a few times since I’ve been back. I just love it. I love that it’s a darker red as it goes nicely with my skin complexion compared to brighter reds. It takes me ages to find the right shade for me, so glad I found this one, it’s a keeper.


Like the lipstick I re-purchased this simple kind to skin rich moisturiser before my holiday and I really can’t fault it. This is definitely my go to moisturiser, it keeps my skin VERY hydrated throughout the day which was perfect on holiday. Love this simple product.


Revolution blush palette is my fave. I love all the shades there perfect for any type of occasion. I used the top 4 for highlight as there very shimmery and work quite well, and obviously the other 4 for blush. The name of this palette is ‘blush goddess’ and I would highly recommend, it’s saved my money buying this palette rather than purchasing just one of two blushes. I adore the coral shade and use that one more than the others.


This was one of my holiday read and I loved reading this. Full review on this coming very soon so I’m not going to say anything else about this book :). Such a good read though.


Finally the benefit ‘ready set brow’. This is used to set your brows and keep the shape in place once you have done your brows and boy does it work!. It keeps them in place for like 12 hours which is a winner for when your on a long day at work or like me I used it on holiday and it was perfect for me.

Other things I’ve loved in July are: ice cream (I ate way too much of this on holiday), being in the sun, Rihanna ‘rouge’ perfume, Seventeen’s BB cream and my white trainers from Topshop.

What have you been loving in July?

Thank you for reading xxx

10 thoughts on “July Favourites

    1. it’s such a good book, I’ve done a post that will be up tomorrow at 6pm that features this book don’t wanna give too much away so it’s not a FULL review if that makes sense. I would highly recommend the blush palette is lush ❤


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