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I’ve always loved reading ever since I was able to read so it’s no surprise that when I grew up reading would be high on my agenda. Over the past few year’s I haven’t read as much as I would of liked to but this year I made it my mission to read more and so far it’s going well :). I mainly only read when I’m away on holiday but after my friend bought me a new set of Harry Potter books (my old ones are well read) I’m addicted to reading.

So far I have read: 3 Harry Potter ones, parts of Radical self love (still not finished that one yet), parts of Dita Von Teese’s make up one (no surprise there as Dita is my fave) Always with love and the girl on the train. It doesn’t seem much but for me it is and I’m quite happy with how many books I have read so far this year.


I took this on holiday with me recently and I read it within a week. Once I start to read a book I get very addicted to it and can’t put the book down. This one is very easy to read, it’s light-hearted and fun. It’s a continuation from one of Giovanna’s previous books ‘Billy and me’ which I haven’t finished as once the book reached the sad part I cried and gave up reading the end, however this book ‘Always with love’ is great. I like the characters but I’m not overly keen on Sophie. I like the way the book is written and how involved as a reader I felt. Well done Giovanna in writing another lovely book.


Again I purchased this for my holiday and like ‘Always with love’ I read it in a few days. Told you I get addicted to reading once  I start. This book is VERY different to what I usually read but I thought why not go a little out of my comfort reading zone and see what all the hype surrounding this book was about. I wasn’t disappointed this book is great!. From the first few chapters I was hooked I just wanted to find out more about what happened although I must admit at first I was a bit confused haha. I’ve never read a thriller book before but I’m going to be reading more of these type of books.

What I’m currently reading


I’M SO EXCITED OMG OMG OMG OMG!. As you might of seen I’m a huge Harry Potter fan so I was so excited when I found out they were releasing a book of the script of the play THAT I’M GOING TO in December. I’ve had this book on pre-order from Waterstones since February and when it was time to collect it I was a little emotional not going to lie.  I could talk for hours on Harry Potter but I shall stop here. I can’t wait to continue reading this book so far I’m loving it!

What books are you reading? Any recommendations?

Thank you for reading xxx

8 thoughts on “Discover reading

  1. Same. I have it too, had it a while and i absolutely love it . The only one i havent got is the Fantastic Beasts one x


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