Real Techniques – Brush sets

Hello, hope you are all well.

I’ve never used real technique brushes before (apart from the complexion sponge) I know I know what you’re all thinking WHERE ON EARTH HAVE YOU BEEN? but I’ve completely fallen in love with them!.

I picked up the ultimate base collection from Superdrug for £13.99 and then the other two sets which are the base core collection and the starter eyes set from Boots for £10.99 each so really two sets for the price of one considering there £21.99 each! Bargain much. All sets come with a mirror to-go case and two even stand us as well.


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The ultimate base collection


I love how on all sets on the back of the packaging it tells you what each brush is designed to do, which for a newbie like me is ideal!.

The brushes

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In this set you get: the miracle complexion sponge which is love to use with the L’Oréal Paris true match foundation, expert face brush and the deluxe concealer brush. I’ve been using this set ever since I got it and I’m loving it. I feel like my foundation goes on soooo much better using the expert face brush and by using the concealer brush as well makes all the difference.  I have’t yet used the complexion sponge as I’ve been mainly using the brush for my foundation.

Base core collection


The brushes

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In this set you get: the contour brush, a pointed foundation brush (which I’m not a fan of) a detailer brush and a buffing brush. Out of this set I’ve only used the buffing brush for my powder and I’ve tired out the contour brush for my highlight.

Eyes starter set

The brushes

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In this set you get: a deluxe crease brush, a base shadow brush, an accent brush, an eyeliner brush and an eyebrow angled brush. As I like to use eyeshadows from different palettes both the eyeshadow brushes are great, they do their job well. I’ve yet to use to eyeliner and eyebrow one but I’m sure they are great brushes nonetheless.

I’m really excited to have all three sets and I’m so glad I treated myself to them :). Overall I feel that all three sets are amazing and I really don’t know where I’ve been, how I’ve coped without these brushes is beyond me haha. My only real problem will be when it comes to keeping them clean, as I can be very lazy when it comes to cleaning my make up brushes.

Have you tried these brushes? What your fave?

Thank you for reading xxx

Ps Sorry if these photo’s look once again a bit pants I’m having a spot of editing trouble :(.

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