Benefit’s Roller Lash

Hi everyone, hope you are all well 🙂

I’m back from my travels and have some lovely holiday content coming up on the blog as well as on my YouTube channel which if you’ve haven’t already subscribed, head over now and check out my videos –

Anyway whilst I was on the aeroplane Jet2 had an offer of 20% off cosmetics and whilst flicking through them I came across the benefit section. As you lot know I’m a massive benefit fan and one of the offers was on a mascara that I’ve wanted to try for ages. I got this for £13.20 so it was a huge bargain.


This roller lash mascara is a super curling and lifting mascara which works really well with my lashes. According to the packaging 97% say this product visibly lifts lashes – Check 87% say it gives long lasting curl – Check and 94% say eyes look more wide open – Check


The hook ‘n’ roll brush is angled so that it has the ability to grab, separate, lift and curl the lashes. The instant curve- setting formula hold for 12 hours.

I’ve worn this mascara ever since I bought it and it really is worth the money. I totally 100% agree with the packaging and I have as well as others noticed the difference in my lashes. I did want to show you a before and after photo but I was having a bad photo day so here’s a photo I took the other day when I had a silly moment. I’m very pleased that I purchased this product.


I would highly recommend this product, I literally can’t fault it.

Have you tried this product? What mascara are you guy’s loving?

Thank you for reading xxx

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