Santorini in a day

Happy Wednesday everyone 🙂 , Hope you’re all well.

As you know I took another holiday in September to Crete and whilst I was there I took a day trip to Santorini. Santorini is a place that has been on my ‘Places I’d love to visit’ list for quite sometime, so when the chance to go there came about I jumped on it.

September is classed as ‘off peak’ season so we got to go on this trip for only 95 euros, in peak season it would of cost around 145 euros just for the day. There was a two day option as well but we thought we would just do the one day trip.

We had to get up at 6am which on holiday is not what you want to be doing but meh we nailed it haha. We reached Santorini at around 11am and were took straight to Oia, which is a lovely village that is highly photographed aka it’s the village where the white buildings and blue rooftops are haha. We only had I think an hour and half to look around and take our pictures but in that space of time I managed to take ALOT haha. Here’s just a few:


Next we stopped off at Fira Town where we had lunch which was very rushed as we literally only had an hour haha.


Finally we decided to visit the volcano which apparently is set to erupt in around 4/5 years time!.


I would highly recommend Santorini it really is very beautiful and I still can’t believe that I have been, even if my time there was rushed. My photo’s don’t do it justice SO I decided to make a short little video :).


Santorini in a day

I hope you enjoy the video and feel free to subscribe, I’ve got a Superdrug unboxing coming up soon, filming that next week – EXCITED

Thank you for reading xxx

4 thoughts on “Santorini in a day

    1. It is so stunning I can’t tell you! Highly recommend you visit sometime. And thank you 🙂 feel free to check out the video as well you can really get the feel of the place ❤ xx


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