|Crete 2016|Travel Vlog

Hi guys, Happy Wednesday 🙂

Last month I went on holiday to Crete for 11 nights. The first 3/4 days we decided to just completely relax and do nothing. After that we went on some excursions. First up we went of a day trip to the stunning Santorini, then we went to Spinalonga and on that trip visited a few nearby places and then naturally we went to a waterpark.

All of the places we visited were stunning, couldn’t fault it. However because we were staying in Malia and Crete is one of the biggest if not biggest Greek island, places I wanted to visit were too far away, and by that I mean 7 hours on a bus just to get there and spend a few hours there.

Spinalonga and agios Nikolaos were beautiful. Spinalonga is famous in Greece as being the last ever active leper colony, throughout the whole of Europe. The island  was used as a leper colony from 1903 until 1957, with the final inhabitant, who was a priest, eventually leaving in 1962.


As always I even did a Crete video on YouTube so you can see my adventures in all their glory. If you like my videos please feel free to leave me comments and subscribe to my channel :).


|Crete 2016|Travel Vlog   < Click the link to see the video.

Have you been to Crete? Where have you been on holiday this summer?

Thank you for reading xxx


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