|Mini Yankee Candle haul|

Happy Monday and it’s Autumn!.

Autumn is definitely one of my all time favourite times year!. I love being all warm and cosy, snuggled up in a blanket watching Disney films and drinking hot chocolate. However I feel that this time of year I tend to purchase more candles. I adore having candles around the house, it makes it that much cosier and naturally they make the house smell beautiful. I recently purchased some Yankee candle votives and thought  I would share them with you :).

dsc_8854edI have a birdcage candle holder so I tend to purchase four at a time so that there’s always four in the birdcage (sounds silly I know).

dsc_8865edI have had this one before and I loved it. A heart-warming blend of cinnamon, baking spices, and a hint of freshly poured tea. It’s not as strong as the cinnamon stick candle, so this one is perfect for me.


Woody oak, pine and ebony make an elegant forest fragrance with subtle touches of eucalyptus and patchouli. This is one of my new faves. It’s so perfect for Autumn even the photo on the front of it is very autumnal.


I love this one, it really does smell of rhubarb!!! Straight from the oven, warm flavours of tangy rhubarb with brown sugar and vanilla are undeniably delicious. Whenever I smell this candle it makes me want to bake. I can’t get enough of it.


I couldn’t not get this one, as black cherry is one of my favourite scents when it comes to Yankee candles. The absolutely delicious sweetness of rich, ripe black cherries. It’s an old classic for me, it’s the one I always fall back on if I fancy a candle but can’t decide which scent.

The candle I’m currently burning which isn’t in this mini haul is Fireside treats. I love it when that one comes out, I always get it without fail because for me that’s my favourite autumnal candle. The joys of camp … mesmerized by the fire, singing and laughing, while toasting marshmallows to rich, gooey perfection!

What’s your favourite Yankee candle, or candle in general?

Thank you for reading xxx

12 thoughts on “|Mini Yankee Candle haul|

  1. I love Black Cherry! My favourite candle of all time is Beach Walk, they don’t make it anymore though 🙁 I’d love it if you could check out my blog, emilykburr.wordpress.com 💕


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