|Halloween Cupcakes|

Hi Everyone, hope you are all doing well.

I’m not a huge fan of Halloween but I do love all the pretty decorations and cake making accessories you can get, so when I saw this cake stand and matching cupcake cases in Asda, I bloody well jumped on it!. I think the stand was roughly like £3/4 and the cases were again £3/4 so less than a tenner in total.

I decided as always to make vanilla cupcakes as they are dead easy to make and it doesn’t take me that long. I picked up a few ingredients that I didn’t have and got started. I’ve been baking cakes since I was little so I knew this recipe off by heart.



Whilst picking up the ingredients I also picked up a new piping bag from Wilkinson’s for £5. When it comes to icing I’m no good at all but after watching a Zoella cake video I can say I’m getting better at it. I never knew that in order to get the icing to go on better you needed to leave it to chill in fridge for about 10 mintues (I made buttercream icing). I am definitely impressed and they tasted amazing. I was star baker of the household haha. I’m very pleased at how well the icing turned out, shame that the colours were as vibrant as I wanted but I’m still happy with them!


Have you baked any Halloween treats? If so what have you made?

Thank you for reading xxx

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