|October Favourites|

Hi guys happy 2nd day of November, Christmas is just NEXT MONTH crazy how this year has flown by!

Here’s my October faves 🙂


My first fave is the MUA velvet lip lacquer in the shade ‘Dash’.


I got this amazing product from Supersrug for £3.00. I got this purely because I fell in love with the berry tone shade. It dry’s into a matte lip product and lasts for quite some time perfect for day and night wear. I also love the fact that it smells of berries!. I’ve not really used any other lipstick this month other than this one and I’m definitely going to try out more of there lip lacquer’s.

Next up is Yankee candles.

dsc_9006edAs it gets nearer to winter I feel that having a lit candle in my room or around the house makes it feel more cosier, and winter a little more bearable. I’m obsessed with Yankee candles and it certainly doesn’t help that we sell them at work :). I adore this scent as well it’s a proper autumn smell.

Next is the Original source body wash in the scent sweet apple and vanilla milk.


This definitely makes my skin feel soft after use, and naturally it smells amazing. I love that this product is moisturising as I sometimes forget to use my body lotion.

Next is the make up revolution vivid baked blusher in the shade ‘hard day’.

dsc_9007edI picked this up for £2.50 and like the MUA lip product this blush is all I’ve used all month!. There are other shades in this type of blush but because I wear it for work I wanted a natural shade and this for me is perfect for that. It’s a brown with a hint of pink shade blush, that has shimmery bits its as well, so I use this not only as a blusher but as a highlight. I can’t get enough of it, super pleased I picked it up.

Finally this month I’ve been loving watching Disney movies.


This month I’ve watched quite a few Disney classic’s from Beauty and the beast to The little mermaid. I also picked up a copy of the new Jungle book and I bloody LOVED IT!. Ever since I was a kid Disney has always played a huge part in my life and even as an adult it still does. I’m a huge fan of classic Disney although I do like some modern Disney’s such as Frozen and Maleficent.

There you have it my October faves!. What have you lot been loving in October?

Thank you for reading xxx

Also I just wanted to say that my video on Make up revolution 12 days to Christmas has had 1k views!!!!!! oh my gosh. If you haven’t seen it yet head over to my channel.



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