|Benefit, Brows on fleek event|

Hi Everyone,

Last week I was invited by Laura from Ellefluence to attend the Benefit brows on fleek event in Debenhams in Eldon Square, Newcastle.  As you guys know I am a HUGE fan of Benefit cosmetics so this was a fantastic opportunity I couldn’t turn down.

On arrival we were greeted by Laura and Laura Pearman (the photographer), and received a prosecco reception and PIZZA, who doesn’t love a good Pizza!. We had our photo’s taken and were introduced to the fantastic Benefit ladies. We then got put into small groups (which for me was amazing as it meant you got pretty much a one on one tutorial in getting them all important brows on point!).


Our Benefit beaut was the gorgeous Laura and she was so lovely! Super friendly and chatty and told us about all of the Benefit products and how to get the perfect brow. I can’t thank her enough for her in depth tutorial, this babe knows her stuff and in an hour has taught me a lot!. I’ve already put her tips into motion and wow they really do work!.


I let Laura lose on my face where she did my eyebrows and talked me through creating redefined brows. She used a brow conditioner and I think the ka-brow cream – gel brow colour. I myself use the Benefit goof proof product for my eyebrows but after seeing the results of this product I am considering giving it a try.

Once Laura had done my brows she then went in on my eyes using products from the new eye kit. I loved this palette as its all natural shades and you lot know how much I love a natural palette. Next she did my eyeliner using the ‘they’re real push up liner’ which is perfect to get the winged look, before finishing using a popular lollitint lip and cheek stain on my cheeks and lips. I already own then benetint stain so I knew I was going to be a fan of this one, which is a purple toned colour. I adored the look and will defiantly be purchasing some of these products.

I couldn’t got get a group photo of my group and the lovely Laura. (Minus Macara as she was taking the photo).


L-R: Chloe, Toni, Sarah, Laura and Myself. Love my North East bloggers.

We looked around at the benefit products and chatted to other team members and watched a blogger getting her brows waxed before receiving a lovely goodie bag which was so lovely of them. Totally wasn’t expecting one what a lovely surprise.


In this goodie bag we received a mini roller lash mascara which I’m a MASSIVE fan of as I love this product so much and the browvo conditioning primer (which is a product Laura used on my brows before she filled them in).

Huge thank you to the Benefit team and to the Ellefluence team for such a fantastic evening as always ❤ I look forward to the next event.

Thank you for reading xxx

All images taken by myself or Macara



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