|Soap & Glory’s Deep Purifying Cleanser|

Hi Everyone, hope all is well.

I recently purchased Soap & glory’s deep purifying hot cloth cleanser and I’ve never looked back since!. I’ve never tried any of the facial skincare range and as it was a third off (when I purchased it from Boots) I decided to try it out. I’ve never used a hot cloth cleanser before so I thought why not try something new.


I’ve been using this product for 3 weeks now and I am loving the results. I only use it once/twice a week purely because I cleanse my skin everyday anyway but I really wanted a deep cleanser.


This deep purifying hot cloth cleanser is made up of provitamin B5, Sweet almond, orange and lavender oils. The products itself turns yo oil when you massage it into your skin so you don’t need a lot of it. The directions of use say to massage into your skin for 2 whole minutes and to ensure that I do that I like to set the timer away on my phone. It says that is you have any spots to directly rub the product onto them. I did this and the next day my spot has gone down massively. I’m NOT saying this product gets rid of spot before anyone says haha.

After the 2 mins is up you gently rinse the cloth in warm water and rub it onto your face (obviously). My skin is left feeling VERY smooth and my pores no longer looked clogged up which is the result I am wanting. I’m very happy with the way this product is working with my skin as my skin can be a little sensitive when it comes to new products. I am highly interested in finding out what the other Soap and glory facial rang products are like, and will definitely be buying this again. Highly recommend.

Have you tried this product, or any of the S&G facial range? Any recommendations?

Thank you for reading xxx


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