|Yankee Candle – Christmas sets|

Hello Everyone, Happy Friday!

As you guys are well aware, I have over time developed a massive love for candles, those in particular Yankee Candles. It doesn’t help that I work in a shop that sells them so I get to smell them all the time and get a cheeky discount on them. I thought I would share (a little late to the party) two of my fave pieces from there Christmas range that I bought in December that I forgot about, ooopps. So here they are:



I adore both these sets and I am finally getting round to using them. I love that in the circle set you get a little gold star holder. I needed a new holder so when I saw this I just knew I had to purchase it.

In the rectangle set you get: Pink hibiscus, Snowflake cookie, Peony, Christmas cookie, All is bright, Candy cane lane, Christmas eve, Festive cocktail, Cinnamon stick and black cherry. As you can see you get a mixture of Christmas scents and normal everyday ones. I love all these scents except the Peony one. My fave out of these though has to be the very popular black cherry. I’ve love this scent since my work first started selling them, it’s just amazing.

The scents in the circle set are: Macaron treats, berry trifle, all is bright and spiced orange. I’m a fan of all these scents, there for me isn’t a bad one in this set.

Do you like me love Yankee Candles? Which is you all time fave scent?

Thank you for reading, sorry this post is very late haha. xxx



10 thoughts on “|Yankee Candle – Christmas sets|

  1. I loooove Yankee candles! Just did a post on my favourite candles, but their ‘soft blanket’ scent is beautiful 🙂


  2. Great post! These look like wonderful gifts! I’ve only recently discovered they’re available in one shop in Belgium. Because I had spent so much money on gifts, I only bought one for myself, which was the Honey cake scented one. I love it! But I can’t wait to go back and buy some more to try! xoxo Sarah


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