|Essence Make Up Review|

Happy Wednesday Everyone!.

Just before Christmas (gosh I’m still using that word in posts)  I got sent some lovely Bloggermail from Essence make up to try out and review. I’m extremely late with this post so I can only apologise. December was a mega busy month with work so January was the only time I could really try out the lovely products.


I was sent 5 products and for the past few weeks I’ve been none stop wearing them in my daily make up routine. Lets start off with the eye make up.


This is there eyeshadow contour set in the shade ’01 mauve meets marshmallows’. Whilst I love the idea of this set, I’m not overly keen in it. It’s very powdering for me and sometimes I feel like I can’t fully blend in the darker shade. I love the light colour for an all over colour it suits my skin tone very well. I have used this a few times and on the odd occasion it has gone on ok, but it’s not a product I would pick up or use, however it is a great starter set duo for people wanting to start out eyeshadow contouring.


Ahhh I love this product!. This goes onto my eyes so well and the colour is great if you want to like me create a more grungy look. This is in the shade ’02 Frozen toffee’. It’s like a silvery/brownie shade. This is a baked metallic effect eyeshadow that you can apply dry but if you apply with a wet brush or your finger the colour gets even more intense and it looks amazing!. I’m loving baked products at the moment so this one is definitely a go to product, I just love it.


This is there 2 in 1 khol eyeliner in the shade ‘ 01 Smokey black’. I’ve tried this out a few times and whilst the colour is jet black and does stand out, I’m not a fan. I think that is purely based on the fact that I love liquid or gel eyeliners, as I have more control over them. I feel that with this product I don’t have any control due to the shape of it, although maybe in time I could, who knows.


This for me is simply amazing. I love the softness of this product and the fact that it doesn’t dry out my lips. This is in the shade ’02 Make some noise’ and as you can see its a lovely nude pinky colour, which is super perfect for me. I do use this as a liner and as a lipstick it’s easy to apply and whilst it’s not long lasting it’s still a great product. I wear this almost daily, I just can’t get enough of it!.


When I first saw this I was so unsure as it looks brown but once I tried it out I found that it’s not a brown shade at all, it is infact a dark purple. I haven’t stop wearing this product, it’s amazing. It’s super shiny. This is in the shade ’58 Need your love’. I’d highly recommend if you love your purples. I’ve recently fallen back in love with having my nails painted and this product is my go to product.

I’m very grateful to of been sent out these products and if you’d like to purchase any of them or browse through there other products here’s a link : http://www.essence.eu/uk/home/

Have you tried essence make up, what are your thoughts?

Thank you for reading xxx


19 thoughts on “|Essence Make Up Review|

      1. I just picked up some Essence stuff, including the matt matt matt liquid lipsticks :D… xoxo Sarah


      2. If you’ve tried the Vivid Matt Liquids from Maybelline, they feel the same way and have the same pigmentation, which is amazing! I love it! xoxo Sarah


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