|The Body Shop – Valentines Event|

Happy Friday! It’s almost the weekend and I’m off work! yay go me.

Last week I was very kindly invited along to The Body shop valentines event and I had such an amazing time. This is my second event with the body shop and the team was once again very friendly and super lovely!.

The body shop has recently bought out some amazing products and I was dying to know more information on the, but before we did we were taken to the body butters.


The metro centre store allows you to personalise your body butter labels which I think is such a great idea especially if your buying as a gift as personalisation is a lovely touch.


The valentine body butter labels are the above ones and they are all fabulous. For my body butter I chose the label ‘make love not war’ because I feel very strongly about this particular slogan.

Once we chose our labels we looked around the shop, drank some prosecco and ate some lovely nibbles including macaroons!.


It wasn’t long until I spotted these three amazing new products. As there was three of us who are blogging friends we each got to sample on the backs of our hands the three product, each designed for different reasons. These are skin peels which exfoliates the skin, and makes your skin feel like brand new. The results on our hands were incredible so I can only imagine what they would be like on the face. Exfoliating can help to reduce blemishes, the signs of ageing and sun damage! The drops of youthful peel is designed to leave your skin feeling revived and looking youthful, drops of light helps to make your skin look a lot brighter and finally the vitamin c is designed to help out with dry skin and make it feel very hydrated. All three of these peels appealed to me and I definitely think I will be purchasing one, once that good old payday arrives!

I had lots of fun at this fabulous event and I can’t wait for the next one. I love seeing all of the new and old fave products. I’m a huge fan of their body butters as my skin no longer feels dry, they all smell great and my skin feels hydrated for days!. Definitely worth checking out the body shop products!.

Have you tried any of the peels yet? What’s your fave body shop product?

Thank you for reading and I hope your have a lovely weekend ❤ xxx


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