|February Favourites|

Hi Everyone, Hope you’re all well.

Like every month, here’s what I’ve been loving!.


Firstly I have been loving this beautiful ‘Scent of a dream’ fragrance by Charlotte Tilbury.


I love how unique and divine this scent is. It’s hard to explain but it’s amazing. You definitely need to smell it for yourself. I am loving wearing this it’s simply amazing.


As you all know I am very obsessed with lip products and this shade by NYX is just perfection. It’s in the shade ’embellishment’ and it’s one of my fave nude’s. I wear this quite a lot even though I only purchased in around middle of the month. It’s a dark nude with to me a slight hint of purple in when it’s on. I love that these products are long lasting and I’m just obsessed with the colour. Only downside for me is that this one the colour tends to come off in the middle of my bottom lip, but after a few more coats it’s perfectly fine.


I got this given to me by the lovely staff at The Body Shop Metrocentre and I’m in love. I loved the winter one that I got and this one doesn’t disappoint either. It’s in the scent ‘Early – harvest raspberry’. These body butters are VERY hydrating which is perfect for all year round use. I use this every time I’ve been in the bath and sometimes before I got on bed on parts of my skin that’s quite dry and it works wonders. When I wake up my skin is left feeling very moist and hydrated. I love this these body butters. Plus it smells incredible! which is always a massive bonus.


This is the make up revolution HD brow palette that I got in the chest storage set a while back (which you can still get on the superdrug website). As you can see from the photo you can tell which shade I’ve been using. I love how easy it is to apply and when removing the product it comes off straight away so I don’t need to scrub my brows. I tend not to use a lot of it as I am fair skinned but I really like the consistently of it. The right hand sized of the palette is highlight which I know just looks like white blurs in the photo. I’ve not used the highlights as of yet but I’m sure they will be just as great as the brow products.

Finally is one of my favourite foundations.


I love L’Oréal Paris foundations and this is my second fave ever!. It’s very easy to apply and goes on very smoothly. This is in the shade ‘vanilla’ which is a lighter one than the last foundation I bought in this product. I used this for work so it’s my daily foundation and its great. I love matte products and this is great. As for coverage it’s light to medium but for work its great as I like to wear less make up that I would for a day out or a night out. Overall it’s a fa foundation and if you’ve not tried it already you won’t regret buying it!.

What have you guy’s been loving this month?

Thank you for reading xxx

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11 thoughts on “|February Favourites|

  1. My favourite foundation for spring/summer is the too faced born this way 🙂 It leaves such a nice dewy glow, medium-high coverage, but it literally has the texture of skin, it feels weightless! For lips I’ve been obsessing over dark colours too. I recently bought my first Anastasia Beverly Hills liquid lipstick in the colour “sepia”. Its such a nice rich dark brown. The pigment is dead on with just one coat, and it dries/lasts for hours ❤ Thinking of making a monthly favourites post myself !

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    1. You should definitely start doing monthly faves I LOVE reading them <3. and ooo thank you for sharing, I've made a note to check them out. I'm dying to try the Anastasia Beverly Hills ones, they all look so pretty xx

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