|Make Up Revolution Lip Kits|

HI Everyone and hello March!. Yes I can’t quite believe we are into the third month already! where is time going. Hope you are all doing well.

I have noticed a lot recently that brands have been bringing out lip kits, these days there isn’t really a brand that doesn’t do lip kits. Ever since I saw the Kylie Jenner ones I’ve wanted to try one. The kylie one’s look amazing but they are a bit above my price range or the fact I don’t want to pay shipping haha. When I saw that one of my fave brands (being make up revolution – duh didn’t see that one coming did ya! haha) had some out I knew I just simply had to give them a whirl.

dsc_9224edI picked up two lip kit’s and there soft beauty blender (which is actually quite good but I still prefer the real techniques one). At the time I purchased these there was an offer on to get the palette from free as I spent over £12. The palette is also available to purchase for £8. The beauty blender was £5.99. It contains a stunning highlighter which I am loving despite not being a fan of powdered highlighters and 6 eyeshadows.

The lip kits


I picked these up in the shades ‘Noble’ and ‘Grandee’. Noble is the nude shade and Grandee is the pink shade. I love these shades, they are perfect for the day time.

The kits cost £6 each and in them like every other lip kits going you get the lip liner and the lipgloss/lipstick whichever you want to  call it. I love that the shades I picked up I can use the liners with most of my other lip products as well. I don’t normally use lip liners purely because I’m lazy and tend to just wack on the lipsticks but after trying these I’m loving taking the extra time to apply the liner as well.


The grandee shade is a nice light pink which is perfect for my as I’m not a fan of bright shades and the Noble is probably a similar shade to most of the nudes that I own and I own ALOT of nude lip products. My only downside of these kits is that whilst the products is long lasting and looks nice on the lip, not too drying and very mattifying ,is that they tend to be rather sticky after it has dried. I thought this problem was just me but after speaking to my friend who also has a few of these kits hers is the same. I do love these kits though despite that small problem. I definitely want to try more especially as make up revolution has brought out a metallic range too.

Have you tried these lip kits? What are your thought’s?

Thank you for reading xxx

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