|Weekend Vlog ft Lush Demo|

Hi Everyone. my apologises for the lack of post recently. There will be some beauty posts coming up very soon as I am currently trying out new products.

I was off at the weekend and I popped into Newcastle for a spot of shopping and although I didn’t buy anything other than 2 lush products, I had a lovely day. I adore walks along the quayside I find it very relaxing looking at the views ahead. Sunday I picked up my new glasses and as it was a sunny day I took myself off to the local park and sat in the sun people watching. I love people watching and I have no idea why, does anyone else like to do that sometimes?

I thought I would share with you a few photo’s from my weekend and ofc pop in a link to my weekend vlog, that feature  A LUSH DEMO omg I love it!. I picked up an Easter bath bob (Which egg came first) and decided to include a demo in my vlog, It smells amazing and the pink water made me feel like a princess!. You can also see my in the video acting silly when applying the L’Oréal clay mask haha. Oh I do make myself life. I love not taking myself too seriously and I think that shows in my videos, or I hope that it does haha.


Here is my weekend vlog, feel free to like and subscribe to my channel ❤


Thank you for reading hope you have a lovely evening 🙂 xxx

5 thoughts on “|Weekend Vlog ft Lush Demo|

  1. Hey! A good read, thanks for
Sharing and showing off some ‘lush’ pics of the city ha ! I’m new to blogging, would you mind following me back and checking
Out my
Blog? Thanks Bex xx


  2. I love the Quayside so much, particularly when it’s summer! Nothing better than sitting out in the sun with a cold one by the Tyne.


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