|Beauty And The Beast|

Hiii Lovelies, hope you’re all well. Gosh we half way through March, it’s going so fast!

As the whole world know’s Disney has recreated a Disney classic. That classic being Beauty and the beast. It’s not one of my faves but I couldn’t WAIT to see and now the wait is over and it’s out at the cinema’s, I’ve seen it twice since Friday. Is that bad? nahh of course it’s not bad, I’m just a little obsessed haha.


I saw it on Friday with my mam as it’s her fave ever Disney movie then I saw it yesterday in 3d, which was surprisingly good and I’m not a huge fan of 3d films. Overall I am in LOVE with how they have recreated it, they’ve kept everything the same but have added in an extra 20 mins of footage, yes that’s right EXTRA FOOTAGE!!!. It’s so perfect and I’m not going to like it made me cry both times and I have with age developed a very emotional side haha. I would HIGHLY recommend seeing this film it’s a one not to be missed in the slightest. The whole cast is just amazing everything just fits into place. I wasn’t a huge fan of this Dinsey movie but now for some reason all I want to do is watch it over and over and that include the animation one as well. I can’t wait to see it again.


If you follow my Instagram and snapchat (which is both ‘xamylouise89x‘) you will of seen that the cinema I was at yesterday had the Enchanted rose, which made me even more excited to see the film again.

Have you seen it yet? What are your thought’s on it? I’d love to know

Thank you for reading xxx

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6 thoughts on “|Beauty And The Beast|

  1. It’s airing this Wednesday in Belgium. But the BF is only back in Belgium next week. So it’ll be next week. But I can’t wait. I’ve been binge watching all the promo videos, music, interviews,… I just love the whole cast, love how Emma Watson made Bell come live!! I can’t wait to see it!! xoxo Sarah

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      1. I’m without a doubt in love with it already!!! I can’t wait to actually see it!! But I’ll definitely get the DVD!! xoxo Sarah


      2. Been to see this eventually! With my mates, gosh it is so amazing!. Purchasing it on dvd when it comes out deffo😍. Absolutely in love with the Beast😈❤x


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