|Almond Milk and Honey – The Body Shop Range|

HI Everyone welcome back to my little old blog. Hope you are all well this fine Monday :).

As you are aware I am currently LOVING trying out new products from The Body Shop and when I spotted these new products, I was very intrigued and just knew I had to give them a whirl. This is the Almond milk and Honey range which has been out now for a couple of months and that being said I have been trying them out for around a month. You know me I like to really try out products before reviewing them. These products have been designed to people who have dry/sensitive skin but I personally would recommend them to anyone, no matter what there skin type.


I decided to purpose a little set so I can try a few of the products out, they have a really nice range in this particular new range, which is always fab to see. I can’t remember the exact price of this set but I just love it. In it you get a hand cream, shower cream, cleansing bar and a little mini body butter. I adore the smell of these products despite not being a fan of almonds haha. Also the packaging is so fresh and clean looking I just love it!.


I am all for hand creams at the moment, as I have awful looking hands right now due to me biting my nails and around my nails, I’ve no idea why I do it but it’s became a habit :(. So in light of that I have been using this around 10 times a day (yes is a lot but if you saw my hands you would know why I need to) and wow I can really see the difference. The dryness has gone down, my nails are some what stronger and the patches of horrid skin around my nails are looking better YAY! Summer hands here I come haha.


I adore how smooth this leave my skin after bathing. This product is a soap-free shower gel – specially formulated to respect your skin’s natural moisture barrier and pH. It’s gentle formula does not get rid of your skin’s moisture.


Like all of their body butters my skin is left feeling extremely soft and very hydrated. I’ve actually nearly used all of this up as it’s just amazing. The texture is a little different to the normal butters as this one is very easy to scoop up in your hands before applying it onto your body, where I find the others a bit harder to scoop but once rubbed in very soft and easy to use.


This is the only product that I have not got round to using yet. but I’m sure it will be a great product like the rest are in this set. This bar is meant to work alongside your skin’s natural pH and moisture level which is help easy dryness and uncomfortable tight areas of skin, as well as leaving your skin feeling very clean and fresh.

Overall I am very pleased with these products and would pre-purchase. Definitely recommend to those who suffer from dry/sensitive skin.

Have you tried any products from this range? Or Any new products from The Body Shop?

Thank you for reading xxx

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