|April Favourites|

Happy Monday Everyone, hope you are all doing well.

I had a lot of faves this month so trying to only pick 5 was hard haha.


Lets start off with the Urban Decay Vice lipstick as I just love it!


I’m pretty such I’ve featured this before in a faves post many moons ago, but I can’t stop wearing it as you can see by the photo. This is in the shade ‘Peyote’ which is a nude shade with a hint of pink. It’s not a matte which is odd for me because as you know I’m a huge matte lover but the texture of this is just amazing. My lips feel very hydrated and its a long lasting colour. I definitely want to try out shades in the vice collection.


This is amazing for when I want to freshen up my hair for work in between washes. I’ve always 9 times out of 10 used Batiste dry shampoos the odd few times I have tried out superdrugs own brand which is ok but I prefer this brand as I feel it gives me more texture and more volume. I’m loving fruity smells at the moment seeing as it’s spring and summer is just around the corner.


Ahhh my fave brand (well one of them) make up revolution. I don’t think you can buy this palette in the shops you can possibly online I’m not sure, but I got this palette in part of the chest storage that I bought last year, which is very value for money. I’ve been using this palette for work as I’m in love with the shade that is 3rd in on the top right hand side. It’s like a lilac colour and I just love it mixed with the purple shade in the bottom left, it creates a lovely spring daytime look. This palette is the ‘matte forecast edit 2017’. I have done a YouTube video of the chest if you’d like to check it out then here’s a link to my channel. https://www.youtube.com/amylouise89


I’ve recently got back into reading and whilst I’ve only managed to read 2 books so far this year, I just love reading. I read the JK Rowling one first and I quite enjoyed it although I must admit I do prefer the original Harry Potter ones. The Dear Amy book by Helen Callaghan was ok it did take a while to get into and it was only really interesting at the end.

And finally my skin saviour Hydro boost gel cream by Neutrogena.


I’m obsessed with this product it’s really helped my skin be more hydrated.  I recently did a blog post on this product so I wont go into too much detail but this product is literally amazing. I can’t wait to try out more of the hydro boost range. Highly recommend if you have dry skin like me. Here’s a link to my post on this product. |How Hydrated Is Your Skin?|

What have you guys been loving in April, I’d love to know 🙂

Thank you for reading xxx

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