|My Spring Make Up|

Happy Friday!! I’m currently in London so if you head to my Instagram and snapchat you shall see snippets of what I am getting up to over the weekend xamylouise89x


As you can see I have been creating my spring/summer looks using all Make Up Revolution products, which as you guys know is one of my all time fave brands. All of these products can be found on there website as well as on superdrugs website :). There all reasonably priced as well so that’s a bargain in itself.

Lets gets started! First up I have been using the Ultra strobe cream as a base before my foundation although I have started mixing it in with my foundation rather than applying it beforehand. I have used this product without wearing any make up and it gives me a healthy glow which is perfect for no make up days.


I tend to only use a little bit of this and I do find that I can see a difference the more I use it. I’m quite liking it and I feel that you don’t need to use a lot of this product to see the effect of it.


This blush palette is in the shade ‘Dream Blush’. These shades are quite bright for me compared to my other blush palette but as I got this in the chest storage set I thought i’d give it a whirl. As it is brighter I always shake off any excess which as you see from the photo and I tend to only use a little bit of it as I don’t want to look like a clown, especially as I’m pale it would look a bit weird. I do however like the nudeish shades compared to the pink ones but overall I like it, it’s perfect for spring.


The white product is a baked highlighter and the pink one is a baked blush which is in the shade ‘Hard Day’. If I use the pink one I don’t wear as much highlight as it already has a highlight effect on its own. I love the baked blushes I have a few. As for highlights well a girl can never have too many, it’s all about dat glow!.


Aaahhh the palette of dreams. I LOVE this palette and I’m very grateful to my friend for buying me it as a Christmas pressie!. This is perfect for spring as it has lush peachy and pinky shades and of course some darker more night time shades. I love mixing the shades together and creating different looks. It also gives you a list of the different shades as well which I find quite nice in a palette. I highly recommend this palette you won’t be disappointed in the slightest. Ahh I love it.

DSC_9301And finally it’s onto the lips. Now I’m not usually one of pink lips but as it’s spring I thought why not. I got this lip kit quite some time ago and I have actually been loving a pink lip. This is in the shade ‘Grandee’ and it is lovely. I’m not a fan of the stickiness with these lip kits but the consistency is amazing, it literally lasts all day I barely need to top up after food and drinks.

What’s you fave Make Up Revolution products? What’s your fave make up brand?

Thank you for reading xxx

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