|What I Got Up To In London|

Happy Monday!!!! Hope you all have a lovely weekend.

As you are aware at the beginning of this month I took a trip to the Capital and had a lovely 3 days in London. I had a fabulous time as always and I visited some new places in London and they were so pretty.

On our first night I had arranged for us to go up The Shard, as it was my dad’s 60th and oh boy it was amazing to see landmarks lit up. The view was spectacular, I highly recommend going up you wont be disappointed by the views!. I love that there wasn’t a time scale either which was a bonus as I don’t like being rushed.


St Paul’s Cathedral and Tower Bridge were my fave things to see lit up I couldn’t tear myself away from the views, they look amazing.

During the days we were there we visited Camden, Notting Hill, Little Venice, Buckingham Palace, The Lego shop, St Paul’s and obviously I took a trip to the Disney store in Oxford street. In just 3 days we saw quite a lot and we wouldn’t be anywhere without our trusty visitor oyster cards. They made travelling on the underground quick and easy as we didn’t  have to keep buying day tickets. We only topped up our cards once which was great, they really are handy if you are visiting London I recommend them.

I could talk for hours about London and my love for that city but instead of boring you all with photos and me rambling I vlogged my weekend trip. I love watching this video back especially to see the views from The Shard ❤

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What do you like to do when in London?

Thank you for reading xxx




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