|Let There Be Crumbs – Roker Hotel|

Happy Saturday! I know it’s not my usual posting day but seeing as I have a lot of content to get through I thought why not!. Hope you’re all having a lovely day.

I was invited along to a cake sampling event which was held at the Roker Hotel’s tearoom ‘ Let There Be Crumbs’. It’s a patisserie that I’ve always wanted to visit. It’s a lovely setting to have afternoon tea as it over looks the sea front and the famous Roker Pier. It’s just stunning. The Roker Hotel also hosts an ‘Italian Kitchen’ restaurant and a new bar  ‘Poetic and license’ as well as there tearoom ‘Let There Be Crumbs’


Let there be crumbs has recently partnered up with a multi award winning patissier named Andrew Bias. Andrew is originally from the Roker area and is one of the UK’s most highly skilled pastry chefs. He trained under Benoit Blin who is a judge on the TV show ‘Crème del la crème’, and was a former executive pastry chef and London’s Hotel Café Royal and captain of the UK pastry world cup team 2017.

Andrew has recently just launched his own brand ‘ Proper Patisserie’.  As part of the collaboration Andrew will be creating not one but two signature cakes that will be exclusive to Let there be crumbs. One is a chocolate cake and the other is a lemon and opera cake. We got to sample these and wow they were so tasty. I’m not a fan of lemon and lime but this was quite nice I must admit.


From the 29th of May you are see for yourself Andrews amazing cakes and see the new menu’s of breakfast, sandwiches and ice creams. I for one will definitely  be checking them out.


How amazing do these cakes look please? I wish I was that talented at cake making. This event was perfect for me as I love cake way too much and it has inspired me to bake more cakes and venture out of my vanilla cupcake habit.

Thank you for much for inviting me to this fabulous event I can’t wait to come back and sample more of Andrew’s work :).

What’s your favourite cake?

Thank you for reading xxx

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