|Essence Spring/Summer Make Up 2017|

Hi Everyone. Happy Bank Holiday Monday!!!!

I have recently developed a new found love for Essence cosmetics they are super easy to wear and a very affordable. I got sent some of their new products and wow they are fabulous!.


These are the 6 new in beauty products that I got sent and wow I just love them!.

First off let’s start with the nail polish.


This is their highly pigmented nail polish in the shade ’11 Instant Match’ or rather that’s what shade the bottle tells me. This is a extremely shiny formula that has a high coverage and offers a smooth finish with just one application. Perfect for if your running late and still haven’t painted your nails. I’ve worn this a few times throughout this month and at first I was not sure in the slightest but it’s actually a really nice shade when it’s on and has dried. This nail polish didn’t take long to dry either which for me is a bonus as I’m not that patient when it comes to waiting for my nails to dry. Blue is one of my fave colours to wear on my nails even though it doesn’t always match my outfits haha. These do come in quite a few shades and they will definitely make great spring/summer nail colours.  Price: £1.80.


I am obsessed with trying out new mascaras. I love seeing the difference and seeing if they work on my lashes, 9/10 they work which is always a bonus. Essence currently have 3 new ones out, these are : Volume stylist 18h curl and hold, 18h lash extension and lash princess sculpted. There all designed to do different things and they all cost £3.  The one I got sent was the lash extension which is a diamond shaped brush that contains lengthening fibers that helps to create long and fuller lashes. This product does infact make my lashes look longer so this mascara gets 10/10 for that. As for the 18hour long lasting I’ve never worn it that long so I couldn’t tell you if that’s true or not. I’d definitely recommend this mascara.

Next up is the lip-glosses.


These glosses are just £2!!. They are ultra shine glosses that creates a wet-look effect on the lips. The texture is smooth and supple which is great for a gloss. The shade that I have are ’12 runway your way’ and ’13 red carpet starlet’. I’m not one for glosses as you know I prefer matte but I have tried them out a few times. For me the red one is more wearable as I do love a good red lip and it applies so much better than the purple shade.


Essence have 2 new sculpting blush palettes out for this spring and they cost only £4. The shade I have is ’10 play it peach’. Applied individually for the perfectly aligned blush shades that are ideal for contouring, as well as being mixed and matched to create a fresh spring look. I am loving peachy shades at the moment and this has been my most used, as I have be using it daily for work. The shades are super subtle but can be built up if you want to create a more defined look. The highlight is perfect for work as it’s there and is visible but not too in your face and out there.

And finally my fave product from this new range!.


This is the cushion eyeliner that is a massive trend that is came from Asia. It is an integrated sponge that is soaked with highly pigmented eyeliner and it dispenses just the correct amount of eyeliner to create perfect eyeliner styles. It’s also very quick a drying which is great for me as I’m quite clumsy when it comes to gel/liquid eyeliners. As you know I’m not the best when it comes to eyeliner but since I’ve been using this more than my usual pen liquid eyeliners, I’ve managed to create the perfect winged look, and got it spot on 7/10 times haha. It’s super easy to use and I love that you just need to dip your brush twice onto the sponge and your eyeliner is done (unless you want it thicker). Highly recommend this to anyone, I have fallen in love with it!, and will be re-purchasing when I’m all out. Price £3.

Massive thank you to Essence for sending me out these fabulous products to try and review <3.

Have you tried any of these new products? What’s your fave make up brand?

Thank you for reading xxx

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