|May Favourites|

Hi Everyone, Yes it’s that time again. How is it the end of May already! Bloomin heck this year is going by super quickly.

Lets crack on with my May faves.


A mixture of skincare, haircare and a little bit of beauty just how I like it.


I adore vice lipsticks and I’m a huge fan of Urban Decay. I picked this beauty up at the beginning of the month and have been wearing it ALOT. I’ve totally fallen in love with it and I love how it doesn’t dry out my lips like some lipsticks do, it’s very moisturizing. This is in the shade ‘Baby Talk’ I think that’s what it’s called. Its nude/pink colour which is perfect, and you can see me wearing it in my recently London Vlog. Search ‘Amylouise89‘ to see it in all it’s glory.


You all know how much I love Make up revolution and there set spray is amazing. It states that it lasts 12 hours which if your at work all day then your going out after is perfect. I use this pretty much every day as I use it for work and if I’m on a night out I use it and it’s great. I use this along with there aqua primer spray and together they are the prefect duo.


Skincare and hydration has been key for me this year and my skin at the start was super dehydrated. This is a new product that L’Oréal Paris recently brought out and I’ve been loving it ever since purchasing it. They’re three difference types of the hydra genius products as it depends on your skin type, I naturally bought the one for dry skin. It’s a liquid formula as it’s made from aloe water and it smells incredible. This leaves my sin feeling very hydrated and it gives my skin that bouncy feeling.



I am all about hand care and hand  creams at the moment as my hands aren’t in the best condition. I’ve been using this on a  morning and an evening before I go to bed and it’s helping. By using hand creams I feel that my nails are growing and the skin around the cuticles are looking less dry and horrible. I adore the London theme packaging on this Cath Kidston one, it’s super cute!.


Ahhh haircare. This month I’ve been taking more time with my hair and keeping my hair in a good condition especially as I’m off on holiday soon so my hair will be exposed to a lot of sunlight, sea water and chlorine. This is the Elvive oil-in-cream which can be used in different ways. My hair is thin so this works perfect for my hair type, my mam tried it and she has thick hair and it did nothing for her hair in comparison to mine. I use this product on wet hair before I blow dry my hair, and I’m left with my hair feeling and looking soft and nourished. This product is aimed for dry and rough hair and sometimes my hair does look a little on dry side so it’s perfect for me. I love this product and it smells good too :).

There you have it another monthly faves! What have you been loving this month?

Thank you for reading xxx

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10 thoughts on “|May Favourites|

  1. I’ve been considering the makeup revolution spray for a while and I think you’ve just convinced me! I love your blog, so glad I’ve just come across it x


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