|Mac Collaboration -Fleur De Force|

Hi Lovelies hope you are well!.

On the 8th May the beautiful and incredible Fleur De Force launched her very own limited edition Mac lipstick. I adore Fleur and she is one of my inspirations, so when I saw that she was brining out a lipstick I just knew I HAD to try and get my hands on it. I always knew it was going to sell out and it did. If you don’t know who Fleur is then you should check out her YouTube by searching ‘Fleur De Force’ or type that into Instagram or via her  Blog

I don’t actually own much Mac cosmetics if I’m honest but I do like the brand and have tried out a few of there products over the last few years and I do like Mac products as a whole.

I just love it, I’ve worn it a few times now and I can honestly say the shade is perfect for my pale complexion.


The packaging alone just excites me, the box with Fleur’s logo on it and her name being printed on the bottom of the lipstick (yes it’s not in focus I had camera issues haha). I sae Fleur wearing the shade all the time in her YouTube videos and when she announced the news of the lipstick so I knew that it was a beige nude shade but wasn’t expecting to fall this much in love with a lipstick.


As you can see it’s that perfect natural looking nude that goes with EVERYTHING. It is similar to Mac’s velvet teddy in my opinion but I still love it. As you guys know I’m a matte girl through and through but this lipstick is far from being a matte formula. It’s a cremesheen lipstick that is very moisturising and it makes my lips feel lovely a soft throughout the day. It’s shiny but not too shiny and I love it. I love that the shade is a nude but its not too light and not too dark, Fleur has nailed it with the colour, I can’t get enough of it!

Super pleased with this Mac purchase and I’m sad that you can no longer get it. Well done to Fleur and Mac cosmetics for this brilliant collaboration.

What’s your favourite Mac lipstick or product?

Thank you for reading xxx

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