|Saturday’s Outfit – Feeling Girlie|

Happy Monday!!! It’s the last week in June oh my goodness where has this month gone. Have you been up to anything recently?

I don’t usually post outfit photo’s and I really want to do more of them especially when I LOVE what I’m wearing so here’s one from the weekend.


I am obsessed with floral print at the moment, most of my holiday clothes are floral print I just cant get enough of it. I’m not usually one for frills either but when I saw this top and tried it on, I really liked it and just had to purchase it.

DSCN310719512161_10208800523483652_754196662_nJacket is from Next, Top from New Look and my jeans and trainers are from Topshop. The jacket and top are from this year and my jeans and trainers are from last year but I still love them. They are all very affordable and I love wearing them even though I’m not usually one for colour, I felt very girlie wearing this outfit. My wardrobe is either black, grey and dark blues so wearing pink floral print was very different.

Hope you have enjoyed this post, let me know if you’d like to see more outfit posts in the future, I’d love to know your thoughts ❤

Thank you for reading xxx

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