|June Favourites|

Happy Monday, hope you’re all doing well.

It’ s July so that means another monthly faves post!, here are my top 5.

DSC_9372 copy

Another mixture of make up and skincare.

DSC_9382 copy

I am loving this Essence blush palette. I use it daily as it’s became my work blush and highlight as it’s super subtle which for work is perfect. The highlight is very natural and glowy and the two shades of pink is perfect to give a little bit of colour to the cheekbones. I LOVE IT.

DSC_9374 copy

Ahhhh my fave palette. I have mentioned this palette quite a few times so I won’t ramble too much about it but I’m still very much in love with it as I was the day I got it. It’s so perfect the shades are perfect and the packaging is perfect. If you don’t own an Urban Decay palette you seriously need to invest in one. I love that this can be used for both day and evening looks.

DSC_9384 copy

As I’m going away soon I need my skin to be in great condition and I love exfoliating it using this soap and glory scrub. It lathers up and smells amazing and the results that it leaves my skin in it great. I love soap and glory products I’ve recently been loving there make up range as well as there skincare range. Exfoliating is key in my skincare routine.

DSC_9375 copy

I love body lotions at the moment and this one is just amazing. It’s honey and orange blossom and whilst I’m not a massive a fan of either scents I’m loving this. It smells divine. It leave my skin feeling moist and smooth. I got this from a brand called Mad Beauty and I love there range, Search for them on Instagram and you will see there range, I highly recommend.

And finally you can’t go wrong with a face mask.

DSC_9380 copy

I love face masks and having more time to treat myself to one is just blissful. I love this one by Lo’real. I’ve been using this for quite sometime now and I love it. I’m intrigued to try out there other two masks from this range but for now this one is working on my skin and I’m loving the results.

What have been your monthly faves? I’d love to know.

Thank you for reading xxx

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16 thoughts on “|June Favourites|

    1. ooooo interesting, I’ve never tried any Maybelline products except the fit me foundation and a few older foundations haha. I highly recommend the face mask its an amazing product


  1. Great post! I’ve recently purchased that mask and can’t wait to try it out after reading your post!
    I followed you on Instagram and Twitter! ☺️


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