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Hi Everyone, hope you’re having a lovely Monday.

I’ve recently discovered a new brand and I am loving them!. This brand is called Anatomicals and I discovered them on Instagram and instantly knew I had to try them out as their packaging alone had me very intrigued. I love quirky packaging and the products I have tried out are really good.


As you can see I naturally got the face masks as I love a good face mask, lip balm and a face moisturiser.


This was the first thing I tried out and I can’t wait to take it away on holiday with me next week, I’m not normally a fan of cherry scented products and I think that’s because I don’t like cherry’s but this I can deal with. I love that it has and spf in it as well as I don’t want my lips to burn in the sunshine. This product last a while and the scented isn’t too overwhelming.

Next up is the daily moisturiser.


Like the cherry lip balm this product also has an spf coverage, which I think all skincare products should have, as protecting your skin is an important factor in daily life. I can’t go a day without moisturising. This products leaves my face feeling fresh all day long, which for me is perfect.


In the pack of face masks I got you get 3 masks, all designed to do different things and they each have different benefits to them. I adore face masks and have done for a long time, so I was interested to see how these worked alongside my skin. Out of the three I have I have so far use the deep cleansing mud mask, and it was amazing. Granted at first it stung my face for approx 30-40 seconds and I was tempted to wash it off but I stuck it out and I’m glad I did. This mask dried onto my skin and afterwards I felt like it really worked to deep cleanse my skin. I even had a small spot and I hoisted that it had visibly reduced in size, which to me was prefect as no-one like a spot. I could definitely see the difference after this 15 min face mask. I’m intrigued to see what the other two masks have in-store for my skin.

I will most definitely be trying out more from this range and if you’d like to see them for yourself you can follow their Instagram by searching for ‘Anatomicals’ or check out their range via Superdrug’s website here.

Have you tried any of this fabulous range before? If so what are your faves?

Thank you for reading xxx

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9 thoughts on “|Anatomicals Products|

  1. Ive tried a couple of their sheet masks 🙂 They were a bit expensive in stores here but they were good 🙂 These products sound like they’re worth a try though.


    1. I highly recommend it was the first time I’ve tried them and I will deffs be trying more from this fabulous range. let me know if you pick any up id love to know your thoughts on them xx

      Liked by 1 person

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