|Trying Out SkinnyTan Products|

Happy Fridayyyy!!!!!.

Today’s post is a massive first for me as this post is all about my FIRST EVER fake tan experience. Yes that’s right never in my 27 years have a tried any form of fake tan. The reason being is that with me being quite pale I’m always so scared I’m going to look like an orange and that it will all go very wrong. I have used a gradual monitoring lotion years ago but thats not quite the same is it haha.

So the lovely team at SkinnyTan sent me out some of their products to try.

DSCN3154 copy

As I’m going on holiday next week I decided to try out their ‘Tan and Tone Oil’ out as it says it develops in 8 hours. Before I applied the oil I used there exfoliating mitt and their ‘Pre-tan primer’

DSCN3155 copyDSCN3158 copy

The pre tan primer naturally exfoliates the skin, helps the tan to go on more evenly and it also helps to extend the life of your tan, PERFECT. Once I had done that and washed it off I was ready to try out the tanning oil.

DSCN3156 copy_edited-1

I used the dual tanning mitt to apply the oil evenly. I decided that because I was going to work that I would try out the product on my legs. I only used a little bit of the product just because I was nervous as to how dark it would turn out. The application itself went really well its was super easy to apply and the mitt felt velvety and soft. I as carful when it came to my knees and ankle area as I’ve heard their most complicated to get right first time. After an hour I could see the change in colour, and after the full 8 hours of development I could see a lovely natural glowy tan, NO STREAKS either!. Although I do have a slight sign of patchy knees haha.

Here’s what my legs turned out like:

20017439_10155445620180350_7497937864414929988_o copy

Was very impressed with the tanning oil and the primer and feel that as a first time fake tanner it turned out well. I love the smell that these products have and will definitely be used them again. I would 100% recommend them!, very impressed. Also I must mention that for me and my skin this tan lasted around 4 days and after a few washed came straight off :). You can purchase these and see more of their range at your local Superdrug store or online on the Superdrug website.

Thank you to the SkinnyTan team you have got yourself a new fan ❤

Have you tried SkinnyTan products?

Thank you for reading xxx

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18 thoughts on “|Trying Out SkinnyTan Products|

  1. Your review is so helpful as I’m really interested in this brand. I’ve heard such rave reviews about it. The amount of times I’ve had it in my basket but not purchased!
    Your legs look fab, I will have to have another look at Skinny tan!
    Btw your blog name is just the cutest!!

    Best wishes
    Samantha x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Highly recommend it, I was nervous at first but as I’ve heard reviews and read a tonne of them I had to try. I love how natural looking it is ❤

      And awww thank you lovely 🙂 and thank you for reading xx


  2. I’m about to write a review on them! I tried their dark tanning foam today, and I honestly hated it so much! It felt so sticky to me, but the worst thing about it was that it literally left zero colour on me! So disappointed in it! Especially after it was so raved about! I’m really glad you like their products though! xx


    1. awww no way 😦 I stayed away from the darker range as I’m quite pale so didn’t want it to be too obvious it was fake so the one I used turned out quite natural. Gutted your’s don;t turn out too well 😦 maybe try a different one? xx

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      1. I’m tempted, but worried I won’t like it again! Maybe one day if they’re on offer again, I’ll give it a go! I was super worried about getting the dark because I’m pale, so was at least expecting something! xx


    1. Awww thank you 🙂 I can’t recommend it enough I was super nervous as I’ve never fake tanned before but I will DEFFS be using this again, I loved it :). Have fun at the event and I hope your tanning goes well ❤ xx

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  3. I’ve never used fake tan either for the same reason (cos I’m quite pale and scared I’ll look like an orange!) But this review was very helpful, and your tan looks lovely!
    Steph x


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