|A Little Holiday Snippet|

Hi everyone and wow hello to all the new followers I seem to have gained while I’ve been on my holibobs. Hope you are all doing well and are having a fantastic Wednesday!

Today’s post is just a little snippet of my recent holiday to the beautiful island of Rhodes. I had such a fantastic time away and I feel very relaxed and motivated, just what I needed. Whilst there me and my friend did 6 excursions and I feel that they each need there very own post (and because I have some beautiful photos I want to share in the process). I hope you don’t get bored of reading them, they will be scheduled for Wednesdays.

I did quite ALOT of filming as well, I used my go pro almost every day so there will be a vlog on my channel very soon. Head over to my channel and subscribe if you like my videos as that would make me very happy. https://www.youtube.com/amylouise89

I also bought some things whilst I was over there, a shop in particular caught my eye which was Sephora!!!! I didn’t go crazy but I’m excited to try out the three things I did pick up which yes will be in a post soon <3.

Anyhoo enough of me rambling on here’s a few pics of whats to come on my little blog:


Thank you for reading and I hope you will check out my Youtube too. Come say hello if you’re from my blog ❤ xxx

Instagram: xamylouise89x

Twitter: @xamylouise1989x

Youtube: amylouise89

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