|Beauty BLVD – Glitter Lips|

Happy Bank Holiday weekend!

Today’s post is all about Glitter Lips, yes that’s right it’s all about the glitter! I used to love glitter so much when I was younger, I’d buy that roll on body glitter and stick it all over my arms, face, stomach and pretty much EVERYWHERE. I even used to use spray in hair glitter, but as I got older I grew out of body and hair glitter.

Now though with today’s make up trends glitter seems to of a made a massive come back, especially how people go on full glitter for festivals. I myself have recently started using more glittery eyeshadows and I have to admit I’m loving it! PASS ME THE GLITTER!.

So I had the opportunity to work with a lovely brand called ‘Beauty BLVD’ so very kindly sent me out one of there little lip kits to try out, so here’s my thoughts and obviously how to use there lip kits.


This is what the lip kit looks like, I chose the shade ‘Cherub’ which is a nice nudey pinky colour and I love it!. You also get a little step by step guide on how to apply and it really does come in super handy.

DSC_9481 copy_edited-1

So to start with you apply white gloss and wait for it to change from white to clear.

DSC_9485 copy_edited-1DSC_9467 copy_edited-2


Once that was clear I lightly dampened the applicator and started to apply the glitter one lip at a time.

DSC_9484 copy_edited-1

DSC_9477 copyThe glitter did not take long to dry and I’m quite impressed with how it turned out. I only wish I had applied more glitter, but here is the finished result.

DSC_9479 copy

I’m simply in love with the shade and would recommend this brand to anyone!. The glitter kits themselves are retailed at £12.50, get yours by checking out there website BeautyBLVD 

To remove the glitter is say it’s best to you and oil based make up remover, I simply used my Garnier Micellar water and it came off in a few wipes. After it was all off I used NO.7’s beauty balm to make sure my lips were still nice and soft.

Have you tried out any glitter lips kits? Are you a fan of glitter?

Thank you for reading xxx

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