|My First Glossybox – August Edition|

Hi Everyone, Happy Bank Holiday Monday. I hope you have all have a lovely weekend 🙂

I’m very late to the party when it comes to subscription boxes, rose gold homeware, marble note books, weekly planners ect so I thought I would give GlossyBox a whirl, as I have heard sooooo many great things!. I know it’s almost the end of August but I’m very much behind on posts at the moment but here’s my thought’s anyway.

So Glossybox is a monthly subscription box that you can cancel at anytime, and it cost around £10 + postage and packaging. You can get your first box for only £6! (obviously you need to add on the postage and packaging). I LOVE this idea of receiving 5 beauty products each month, some from brands I have heard of and other from brands I haven’t, but if like me you adore trying out new products/brands then this is right up your alley.

Signing up was very simple and I LOVE the fact that once you have joined and logged into your account you can create a beauty profile. A beauty profile is a profile that is tailored to you and you only. It asks you things like: your eye colours, your skin tone, your hair colour, which I think is great as not every shade will suit every skin tone and I think that’s what puts me off these type of subscriptions. It even asked when my birthday was! haha, So far so good in my opinion, so once I had done all of that I just had to wait for my box to arrive!.


I was greeted with a little note from Glossybox and a ‘Discover your August Edit’ leaflet which gave you some beauty news and gave a little description of everything that was inside the box. I also like that it shows you a little sneak peak of an item that is going to be in the next edition which will obviously be the September edit, and I’M EXCITED!. It also tells you how much the product is retailed at which is great to know especially with the box basically costing £13.25 a month!.

Here’s what’s in the August Edit (even though most of you will of seen this already haha).


Valquer – Ice Hair Mask, Total Repair £ 14.99. A hair mask with a cooling effect that powers up the macadamia oil making it very hydrating and taming on the hair. I’ve never heard of this brand but I’m excited to try this out. I don’t normally do anything with my hair when it comes to a routine other than give it a wash, so maybe this product could be a game changer.


Model Launcher – Safari Sun Bronzer £ 16.50. As you can see by the state of it I’ve been using this daily, I BLOODY LOVE IT!!!. It’s such a natural looking bronzer that I’ve been wearing for work, yes that’s right I’ve switched from using my trusty Benefit Hoola to this beauty. This safari bronzer is made with a mineral-enriched formula.


Bastiste – 2in1 Dry Shampoo and Conditioner £ 4.49. I’m a massive fan of this brand in fact it’s the only brand I used when it comes to dry shampoo. I heard they were doing a 2in1 and this really is amazing. My hair looks like it’s had a full on wash, and this scent of vanilla and passionflower is definitely a refreshing smell.


Rodial – Suede Lips £22. We are all aware of how much I’m a big fan of berry/nude shades so this suede lips is just perfect for me.  It’s intense, mattifying and very moisturising. I love that it’s summer ready with it’s Vitamin E and the fact it’s hydrating. I hate it when a product dries my lips out.


Sportfx – Time Out Face Mist & Fix £ 5.99. This mist is amazing, it’s super refreshing and soothing on the face. I have been using this daily, and it can be used as a primer or over the top of your makeup to refresh it as is has a really nice cooling effect.

I’m really enjoying experimenting with new brands and products I wouldn’t normally look at (ice hair mask in particular). I can’t wait to see what’s in the September Edit!.

Have you subbed to Glossybox? Head over to their website to see more info ! Glossybox

Thank you for reading xxx

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