|Rhodes Travel Diaries – Faliraki WaterPark

Happy Wednesdayyyyy. Hope you’re all having a lovely week so far!

Now every since I was little I have always been a water baby, and I’m so glad that I am as I would hate to not be able to swim. Swimming is for me amazing as when I’m on holiday I love nothing more than to be swimming in the lush warm sea. I’ve also re-discovered my love for WaterParks, and every holiday me and my friend will also without a doubt scout out a nearby waterpark, and why not they are soooo much fun!.

My new video project69

Faliraki Waterpark did not disappoint it so blooming HUGE! It even had a little train to take you around!. It cost us €24 each and there was plenty of places to eat around the park as well as lots of sunbeds to choose from. We got their early which meant there was plenty of lockers available, these were I think around €8/6 but you got I think €4 back when you left.

Once we had picked our spot we were off to explore. The first stop was the wave pool!. I love wave pools there so much fun especially with the music playing, it felt like a pool party haha. After that had finished (it lasted a long time in fairness) we headed to the slides.

There is slides for everyone as this park offers, extreme rides, matt slides, family slides, a kids area and like I have already mentioned a wave pool. What I loved about this park is that it is situated next to the beach and because most of the park is up a hill the view from the top is simply amazing!!!!. I’m obsessed with sea views so when I reached the top I was a very happy Chappy.

We spent hours in the park and went on most of the rides my faves in particular was a one called ‘The Rafter’ and ‘Crazy Cone Slide’. I was a little disappointed with there version of the black hole, as well it wasn’t really THAT dark, Aside from that the whole day was amazing.

Here’s some of my photos 🙂 (there’s not that many)


My new video project620170729_174423gopr3347.jpg

I have done a video of my trip to Rhodes which includes more of the water park, so if you’d like to see it then search for my channel – amylouise89 🙂

Do you like Waterparks? What’s your fave thing about them?

Thank you for reading xxx

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