|Trying Out Palmer’s Products|

Hi Everyone, Happy 1st September!!!!! Can’t believe it’s September already. I love this month as it’s Autumn is upon us and because IT’S MY BIRTHDAY MONTH!!!! YAY.

A while ago the lovely Palmer’s team sent me out a bunch of goodies to review and I’m so grateful as I’ve once again fallen in love with their products. As you guys know I’m a massive fan of coconut scented products as it always reminds me of summer and going away on holidays!, so these products make me extremely happy and they fulfil my coconut obsession daily.


I’ve been using these products ever since I got back from holiday and I’m just in love with each of them.


The exfoliating scrub has literally became one of my best friends, its super gentle on my skin which means I am able to use this up to 3 times away. Most scrubs I have tried I only use them once a week but this is just something else!. I can see a huge difference in my skin in the sense that it does what it says on the packaging, and that my skin looks and feels more healthy and it gives me glowing skin.

The cleanser and make up remover is another great product, however I’ve only used it a few times. My make up does come straight off when using this, but because I’m a sucker for old habits I tend to stick to using my Garnier Micellar water to remove my make up.


I’ve recently started using facial oils and I have to say this one if duffs my fave. It’s made from 9 pure oils plus retinol, resveratrol and vitamin C. I add a few drops of this into my moisturiser on a morning and on an evening. Again like the scrub it’s very gentle on my skin. I also love that it’s a multi- effect facial oil and I don’t like using different ones for different things, I’d rather have an all in one.


I’m currently loving hand creams this year and this one is simply amazing. I feel like it treats my dry hands really well and I’m loving using it daily.  The body cream is equally amazing as it’s a thick formula it deeply moisturises my skin which is what I look for. This product does exactly what it says on the packing ’24 hour moisture’, it lasts ages and I can even feel it still on my skin the next day!. I can’t get enough of it. I’m almost out already!!!!!.


Out of off the products this is the only one I’ve yet to try. I’m waiting to use it after I’ve had my hair re-dyed. It sounds like a good product, and I like how it’s a deep conditioning treatment.

I would highly recommend the Palmer’s products they are simply amazing. They do a lot of different ranges, from these ones featured to day and night creams to foot creams ect. I love that they are all 100% free of any parabens and phthalates dyes. All of the products also feature vitamin E which is a massive plus for me!. You can purchase these in Superdrug as well or via there website here

Have you tried any of the Palmer’s range? What’s your fave product?

Thank you for reading xxx

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