|Sunderland’s Restaurant Week|

Happy Friday, it’s almost the weekend!!!

Last week I was kindly invited to go to restaurant week in my hometown of Sunderland. Restaurant week is basically where you get to try out different food from difference food places that is taking part. Even though I’m sometimes fussy when it comes to food but I was very excited, when I saw the evenings agenda.

We started off with drinks and nibbles at The Prosecco Bar which is situated near Mowbray park. The decor is super luxury and very romantic, with the dome lights and the cosy corner seats. I LOVE prosecco and they cater a range of different flavour including a rose one, which is similar to rose wine.  As well as prosecco this also offers a range a cocktails and spirits so its just just for prosecco lovers like myself.



For starters we went to an asian food restaurant called Asiana Fusion which is located in echo 24 bullying down on the quayside near the empire cinema. I’m not a fan of this type of food so I was a little anxious. The place itself was lovely, I love that it has a nice river view. The decor was what you would expect in this type of restaurant so it featured lots of green and orange colours. If you’re a fan of this food then you will love this place. They had a nice spread of duck wraps, ribs, spring rolls, prawns and that was just a starter plater. The sauces used were to compliment the different food and they were all homemade. I did try a bit of the sweet and sour dip and it was beautiful.  The owner was so lovely and kept coming over and asking if we were ok and telling us about the background behind the food he had provided, which in my opinion I thought was nice of him to do.

Our main meal was over at one of my fave places Port of Call. I’ve been here a few times for food, but as this was a new menu I was keen to get stuck in sampling. Port of call have also had permission to have 2 large tipi’s and the back of their bar/restaurant and that opened of bank holiday weekend. I was rather excited to head inside as I don’t think I’ve been inside a tipi before haha. I loved the fairy lights and how they had the layout set. We were arrived we ordered are drinks and sat down and awaited food. The food looked amazing. The hot dogs were to die for!. They were a bit on the spicy side which I surprisingly really enjoyed. Other things on the menu were, chicken burgers, pulled pork burgers, pulled pork flatbread, I think over things as well but there was that much I can’t remember haha.Oh they also do a macaroni cheese with bacon and WOW it was amazing. I will definitely be going back soon for some more of that!.  The staff in port of call are always really friendly and that night was no different.


Unfortunately food got the better of me and I forgot to take a photo of the amazing food that was served, so I do apologise about that.

Finally after feeling stuffed we were kindly taken to our final stop with was of course DESSERT. Our dessert was over in a lovely quirky little tea room called Serendipity, tea and trinkets in Frederick street. Wow there decor is my new fave!. I love quirky decor and this place is just…. I have no words, I loved it in there. When we got their there was a variety of homebaked cakes on offer for us to choose from and naturally a good ol’brew!. Can’t beat a nice cuppa and a cake. I opted for the rocky road as for some reason I’ve become obsessed. It tasted very full of chocolate and very lovely. I again like port of call will be returning.


I really enjoyed my first ever restaurant week and I have loved trying different food places and different foods. Highly recommend these places if you live in the area!.

What’s your favourite restaurant?

Thank you for reading xxx

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