|VIP Kiss Launch Event – Newcastle|

Happy Monday!!!! hope you’re all doing well.

A few weeks ago I was very kindly invited to attend a VIP kiss products launch at Newcastle’s Grey Street hotel by the lovely Alex. It was an event that I was super excited about as we got to get our nails and lashes done, and what girl would turn down that!.

When we arrived at the event we were greeted with Prosecco and canapés. The Team that was working the event was super lovely, the girls doing the nails and lashes did a great job at looking after us.

21751704_10155646853900350_450498027715150704_n copy

Whilst I’m not a lover (yet) of fake eyelashes it was very interesting to see the different types and you can get, from volume lashes to natural lashes, I couldn’t wait to try them out. However instead of getting on of the girls to show me how to apply lashes I opted to get my nails done. I’m more of a false nail kinda gal than lashes, so I picked out a set and waited for my turn to have them put on for me.

21761940_10155646852485350_4827937119918946902_n copy21740316_10155646852255350_8575154985174537600_n copy

I picked out an imPRESS pair which where short compared to some of the other set of nails you could choose from. I opted for short just because of work and I wanted to be able to do everything. I loved the ones I got put on and they lasted a week, which was very impressive!.

21559017_10155646853500350_1976380870147705487_n copy21558663_10155646853660350_6253902304012081235_n copy

The whole night ran really smoothly it was lovely to meet new North East Bloggers and of course see a bunch of my faves!. I Really enjoyed the event and will definitely be trying out the lashes that I got in my goodie bag!

21761712_10155646853965350_8918593976789261728_n copy

Have you tried out any nails and lashes from Kiss or imPRESS? I’d love to know your thoughts 🙂

Thank you for reading xxx

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