|Roots Double Effect Treatment Pack|

Hi Everyone, Hope you are all having a fantastic week.

As you know I rarely do any post’s relating to my hair and that’s not because I don’t like my hair or anything like that, I just guess it’s because I don’t really have MUCH of a hair care routine. However I received a lovely treatment pack around a month and a half ago and ever since it arrived I’ve been using it (I’m almost out of it). I simply can’t get enough!

The brand is called’ Roots Double Effect’ which can be purchased from there own website or you can pick it up from your local Superdrug. Now Roots have three different treatment packs, they are: Sensitive scalps, oily hair and dandruff.  Out of the three I opted for the sensitive scalp pack.

In the pack you get: the shampoo, conditioner and an intensive spray. If you purchase them from there own website you can save £10 which makes the packs only £24.99. In Superdrug the shampoo and conditioner is retailed at £9.99 and the spray £14.99 (according to my own local Superdrug).

Achieve maximum hair growth with our game changer, highly concentrated, Roots™ Intensive SprayIf you want stronger, thicker hair and a gentle solution that won’t cause irritation this is the pack for you.

DSC_9792 copy

The key active ingredient behind Roots™ Double Effect is Procapil® which promotes hair anti-ageing and hair anchoring by strengthening the follicles metabolism and structure. Our shampoo’s and conditioner contain a 1% concentration and our intensive treatment is highly concentrated containing 3% Procapil®.

It is recommended that you use these three products together and for 3 months in order to achieve maximum results. The smell isn’t that grand in these products but it’s too be expected as it is a treatment solution. I’ve used these every time I have washed my hair for the past 1 and a half months and I can already see a massive difference in my hair. My hair is quite thin and I get it coloured every few months so when I heard about this brand I just knew I wanted to try it out, and I couldn’t be happier with the results I’m seeing so far!. It looks and feels super soft and so much thicker than it normally looks. My hair doesn’t really grow that much but I feel that these products have made my hair grow that much faster as well.

DSC_9788 copyDSC_9789 copyDSC_9790 copy


I forgot to take any before photo’s as I was too eager to get started with the treatment but here’s a few photo’s of what my hair currently looks like so far:


As you can see my hair looks fuller from all sides which is great. Since using this treatment pack my hair had been receiving a lot more compliments which is a huge bonus for me! I’m very impressed with it and would strongly recommend to anyone who like me suffer’s from thin/damaged/coloured hair.

Have you any tips and tricks for fuller looking hair? Do you have a hair care routine?

Thank you for reading xxx

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