|Topshop AW Bloggers Event|

Hiiiii, hope you are all ok.

About a month ago I was invited as a plus 1 by my lovely blogger pal Macara, to the Topshop autumn and winter event at Intu Metro-centre. As you are all aware Topshop is one of my fave ever brands so I naturally jumped at the chance to attend. I’ve been a Topshop fan from around the age of 17/18 which by now is 10 years ago!.  I just adore their quality and there is something in everyone’s price budget, from coats and knitwear, to jeans, bags, shoes and even underwear!. I just love everything Topshop.

Once I had arrived at the event we were greeted by the lovely host Aneesha, who was just fabulous!. She took us through the three latest fashion trends for autumn and winter which was very interesting to know. I saw quite a few pieces that caught my eye, I couldn’t wait to explore around the shop. 24129752_10155847438120350_8116040905035951115_n24059266_10155847438420350_4152252652440811165_n24293881_10155847438090350_2710270855472030117_n24177208_10155847437955350_4263922387195386933_n24232780_10155847438015350_8629683997814524638_n

I adored the yellow knitted jumper as I’m currently obsessed with jumpers (naturally who isn’t in winter time) and colour at the moment. I also really liked the multi-coloured scarf. After Aneesha had finished telling us all about the trends and must haves she set us a little challenge. Our challenge was to work in a pair/a three and pick outfits for one another on a time limit of 20 minutes!. I worked alongside Macara (blog) and Laura (blog) and found this challenge a really fun way to interact as we all had a right old giggle.

Here’s the outfit Macara picked out for me:


As you can see she picked me out a lovely turtle neck jumper (I’m a sucker for turtle necks), a denim skirt (again I love my denim) and a big old chunky backpack!. She also added in a belt and sunglasses, as well as some boots. I LOVED the outfit she chose for me and felt that she put some lovely effort into picking me out things that she knows I would love/wear. Well done!.


I also really like the outfit I chose for Laura (right) and what Laura chose for Macara (left).

Asif one challenge wasn’t enough we were also set a Photo Booth task featuring Quay Australia sunglasses, PERFECT I love a good Photo Booth session. We each picked out a pair of sunglasses and went into the booth and struck 4 fabulous poses. A little twist to this task was that one of us would win a pair of the sunglasses that we chose and guess what I ONLY WENT AND WON! yes that’s right I actually won something!.


Them baby’s are all mine! I can’t wait to wear them in Croatia next year!!!! I LOVE THEM.


I had such a wonderful evening with this lovely lot and I’m very grateful to of been invited!. I LOVE that this event was different to other’s I’ve been to purely because of how the different challenges made the evening very fun!. Thank you to the Topshop team and Aneesha!.

What’s your fave clothing brand?

Thank you for reading xxx

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