|Fenwick’s Window – Newcastle|

HAPPY 1ST OF DECEMBER!!!!! 24 more sleeps until Santa! I’m feeling very festive this year for some reason. I usually don’t feel festive until a few days before, so this current feeling is very odd for me haha.

One of my favourite Christmas time traditions is going into Newcastle to see Fenwick’s window display. It’s something that I have done ever since I was little, so without fail me and my mam popped through last week to see it and to do some Christmas shopping.

The theme of the window naturally changes each year and some I feel are more Christmassy than others. for example the other year the theme was Alice in Wonderland, and whilst I’m a Disney fan I didn’t find it very festive. This year though I was even more excited to see it than usual an the reason being was that this years theme is……… PADDINGTON BEAR! I adore Paddington he was one of my fave bears as a child. I also love the Marks and Spencer’s Christmas advert this year, purely because it starts Mr. Paddington.


As you enter the Christmas section of Fenwick’s you are greeted by this and I simply love it!. True Paddington style.

The window display is truly magical and it shows Paddington getting up to a lot of mischief. From being in the bathtub, to decorating to being a barber to having afternoon tea. The final few windows shows Paddington in the North Pole with Santa’s elves and even at home with his Christmas tree. Not forgetting Paddington in London with one of the Guards. I especially love that one because well I love London.


What I love each year about visiting the window display is the atmosphere of the crowds and the different nationalities. From children and families to groups of friends it really does make you feel festive especially as it’s almost Christmas.


Naturally I just had to get a picture!.

Well done to the Fenwick’s team for this fabulous and very Christmassy window display! It is a must see if you live or are visiting Newcastle this December. There’s lots of things going on throughout this month so come along and tick Newcastle off your list!.

What is one of your Christmas traditions?

Thank you for reading, hope your feeling festive! xxx

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3 thoughts on “|Fenwick’s Window – Newcastle|

  1. I absolutely love this, it’s super cute! Paddington is an all time favourite, and it’s featured in a lot of windows this year and I love it! My sister and I have a tradition of going to a ballet or ice skating show before Christmas!

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