|Christmas Gift Guide For Her – On A Budget|

Happy Monday!!!!! Hope all is well.

I thought I would share with you guys a few of the gifts I’ve bought for family and friends that have been on a budget. A budget not because I don’t like giving I just don’t want to spend alot as I do have a fair few to buy for.

DSC_9944 copy

Boots is a great shop to get bargains from as they do 3 for 2 of all gifts, which is great as they cater for all ages and both sex’s. Price range is up to you as boots cater for all budgets. From boots I picked up 2 French Connection sets and a Mark Hill hair set, all three were prices at £12.50.

DSC_9945 copyDSC_9947

Naturally I have kept the Mark Hill set for myself, ooopppsss. I can’t wait to try these products out. The French Connection sets are also a great value presents as you get body scrubs, body wash and body butter.


Everyone know how much I love candles but I picked this up in the sale at Clintons for £10.39. I love how it comes with the votive holder as well, and in this set you get three Christmas scented candles which is, snow in love (one of my faves), Red apple wreath and Christmas garland.  Perfect gift for any candle lovers.


Of course I couldn’t not purchase any Disney products so the hot water bottle is £8 from Primark. I just love it I mean look at the those ears! The Mad Beauty Belle dome is from Debenhams for £14. I love that it’s beauty and the beast themed. Mad beauty do such a lovely range of products, highly recommend you checking them out if you’ve haven’t already!.

And naturally I couldn’t not pick up some gifts from The Body Shop!. I adore there Christmas range!, and just the body shop products in general.


The hand cream and lip product (which if I remember is a balm) and the body wash and lotion sets are both £6 each. What a bargain as they make lovely stocking fillers. Finally the Shea collection set is £12. I love all of these sets and the range of scents they come in is just perfect for everyone.

I hope you all have fun Christmas shopping and I hope that this post has helped (probably hasn’t haha). I just love how reasonably priced everything is and they all make perfect gifts!. All for under £20!

Thank you for reading xxx

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