|Advent Calendars – Doors 1 to 6|

SANTASSSSS COMINGGGGG!!!!! I’m feeling very festive at the moment, hope you are all too!.

These posts are a little later than I had originally planned out, due to my work schedule being super hectic, but I thought I would still post them anyway. So this year I decided to go a bit more luxury with my advent calendars and spend a little more on them. I love finding new brands so I went with the No.7 (£40) and the Marks and Spencer’s (£35).  DSC_9960

Door number 1 

M&S is the Rosie for Autograph body glow and the No.7 is an advanced serum.

Door number 2

No.7 is perfect and product day cream (which I’ve tried a few times and I quite like it) and the M&S is Fitorga Meso- mask. I like finding new face masks so I am looking forward to trying this one out.

Door number 3

M&S Nuxe scented shower oil, never tried a shower oil before so this will be very interesting. Nuxe is a brand I keep seeing everywhere and I’m excited to try there products. No.7 is the Exceptional definition mascara and by god its amazing!. I’ve been wearing this product every day and I’m so in love with it. It makes my lashes look very long and natural looking. I love that it doesn’t clump on the lashes and that it just glides on really smoothly.

Door number 4

No.7 airbrush away primer. I already own one of these and use it regular. I adore this product it’s one of my all time fave primers. It smooths out my pores and makes my skin and foundation look flawless!. M&S Gatineau advanced rejuvenating cream. Never heard of this brand before but I’m looking forward to seeing how this makes my skin look.

Door number 5

M&S Rodial sculpting gel. I have heard of this brand as I’ve had one of there products in a glossy box before so I’m interesting in trying more products from this brand. No.7 is a lip care balm product which I’ve been using on a morning and on an evening before bed. My lips feeling softer and less dry.

Door number 6

No.7 is a mini brush that feels super soft. M&S is the Stila mini lip product. I love this product it’s a nude pinky/brown shade which is perfect for me. The formula and application is really nice. I will be trying more of these in the future.

What advents have you got this years? Liking them so far?

Thank you for reading xxx

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