|Hadrian’s Tipi – Newcastle|

Happy Sundayyy, yes that’s right I am posting on a Sunday.

This week has been a busy yet festive week. First off I was at York (Vlog from that day is now up on my channel click the link to see it York vlog ), then Wednesday I was in Newcastle and then Friday evening I was at Wallington Hall (post on that coming soon).

Hadrian’s Tipi is a pop up double tipi in Newcastle at the bottom on Northumberland Street in Pilgrim Street. It’s a wonderful winter treat that offers continental foods, mulled wine and hot chocolates. Settled into the main areas 2 log fires and an array of fairy lights, that make it super festive. It also has stalls (mainly food and drink) and a huge snow globe for the children as well as adults and of course Santa’s grotto! I mean of course there had to be a grotto.


I loved all of the food stalls and the atmosphere inside the tipi and out. Naturally they played Christmas songs which just made my trip all the more festive. I loved it. Nothing better than standing by the log fires with an alcoholic beverage, getting into the Christmas spirit. It was lovely to see people of all ages enjoying themselves, from families to group of friends to couples.


I love how it looks in the dark with all the fairy lights and huts lit up. I did go during the day as I have visited twice but I adore it on the evenings/late afternoon.

My fave thing about Hadrian’s Tipi is that one of the stalls in there is a new coffee pop up called ‘ R-Place‘ and they sell….. UNICORN HOT CHOCOLATE! yes that’s correct Unicorn hot chocolate! as well as a wide range of other amazing sounding ones . I naturally wanted to try the whole entire menu but I stuck with the Unicorn one and boy I wasn’t disappointed!.


I mean just look at it, glitter, marshmallows, candy unicorns and to top it off the chocolate itself was PINK!. All that for only £3!!!!!! It was delicious highly recommend trying this out if you live in the North East and are visiting Newcastle soon!.

What festive things have you been up to recently?

Thank you for reading xxx

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