|Advent Calendars – Doors 7 To 17|

Happy Wednesday ONLY 5 MORE SLEEPS TO GOOO!!!! Like I said previously in my other advent post, these posts are very much delayed but I’m sharing my thoughts anyway!. Hope you are all ok :).


Door number 7

M&S is Korres wild rose advanced sleeping repair and No.7 is a lovely little eyeshadow in the shade ‘Mocha’ It is a matte product so I’m very interested in trying this out.

Door number 8

No. 7 is a set of gold tweezers, I mean who doesn’t love gold coloured items. M&S is a mascara by the brand Black magic. I love the packaging!.

Door number 9

M&S is a nail varnish from Naisinc. I’ve never tried nail polish from this brand before and I’m currently wearing it now and I like it. I LOVE that it’s a festive colour and although it was one coat I applied 2/3 so that the colour would be more bold. No. 2 is Micellar cleansing water which I have bene trying out but for me it doesn’t compare to my Garnier one haha.

Door number 10

No,7 is a limited edition nail polish that for me doesn’t look appealing haha. M&S is Formula radiance peel.

Door number 11

M&S is a Look good feel better sculpting sponge. I have bene using this the last few days and it does blend my foundation very well.  No.7 is a lash and brow primer. Quite interested in seeing if this actually works.

Door number 12

No,7 is a night cream to go along with the day cream.  I have used this a few times and I quite like it. M&S Alphah limited edition liquid gold rose. Not gonna lie no idea what that is but I’m sire I’ll give it a try at some point haha.

Door number 13

M&S Blood Oranges natural spray fragrance. It does smell nice but not really my kind of scent. No.7 total renewal Mirco- dermabrasion exfoliator. It comes with instructions on how to use this product. Excited to give it a try.

Door number 14

No.7 gift invitation to get matched with a bronzer that goes well with your skin tone. I can’t wait to get mine at some point haha. M&S is the Emma Hardie cleansing balm, again a product I’ve no idea how to use haha.

Door number 15

M&S is another mascara this time from Ciglione, a brand I’ve not heard from but I’m excited to try this out. I like finding new mascaras and seeing the difference they make on my lashes. No.7 is another little eyeshadow in the shade ‘ Wheatsheaf’. More of a base colour so I’m looking forward to trying it out and seeing what the coverage is like.

Door number 16

No.7 is a lip crayon in a stunning red shade. I adore my reds even more around this festive period so I can’t wait to give this a whirl. M&S Percy &Reed session hold hairspray. I have recently tired this out and I must admit it held my hair perfectly. 10/10.

Door number 17

M&S REN instant shot firming lotion. No.7 is a gold yes that’s right gold eye pencil, which is meant to define your inner-corners, and make your eyes stand out more. Very interesting in seeing if this works or not.

Well that’s another calendar post done, sorry for it being long.

What calendar’s have you got this years? Any good ones?

Thank you for reading xxx

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