|Blowing Away The Cobwebs|

Happy Monday, hope you’re all well.

As it’s January and the days roll into the nights with the darkness, I love nothing more than getting wrapped up warm and going for a walk. We all seem to feel run down more in the winter and I for one have recently had a cold, so a winter walk made me feel a little bit better. Crisp fresh air to blow away my cobwebs.

I took a walk to my local park which is roughly around 20 mins from where I live and as it was mid morning it was still very frosty and looked rather pretty. The sun even made a little appearance, which even though it was cold made me excited for the warmer months :).


What things do you like to do to blow away your cobwebs? Also if there is anything you’d like to see on my blog/Youtube channel then please let me know!.

Thank you for reading xxx

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