|Glossybox Limited Edition – Beauty Case|

Hi Everyone. Hope you’re all doing well. February is almost upon us! Eeeekkk.

So you may of noticed that I haven’t done a January Glossybox post and that’s simply because I have for now cancelled my monthly subscription. I’ve cancelled not because I don’t love Glossybox it’s purely because I have so many products to get through.

However I did for Christmas receive this fabulous Glossybox beauty case which you can still purchase for £59.99 BUT if you use a code that’s on the website you will get a whopping 20% off!. The whole contents of this lovely box is worth over £270!!! what a bargain!.  Clink here to go straight to the Glossybox website!.

DSC_0087 copy

As you can see it is HUGE!!!! There is in total 6 compartments filled with products and I thought that each month I would use and go through the products from each so that my post’s would still sort of remain like a monthly glossy box if that makes any sense, I hope it does!. Anyway let’s see what was in the top compartment!.

DSC_0074 copy_edited-1

A lovely little mixture of brushes and skincare! Just what I love.


Pixi by Petra Brow Tamer. I have recently been loving Pixi beauty and I really like this brow tamer product. I have tried this product before as it was in one of my glossy box’s last year. It does keep your brows in tact all day long and is perfect if you’re at work all day.


NIP + FAB Soften Kale fix Moisturiser. This is a brand I’ve been wanting to try for a while just haven’t gotten round to it, so when I opened the first compartment and seen this, I was very happy. I’ve used this product morning and evening for pretty much the whole of January and I really like it. I adore how it makes my skin look and feel after every use. This is a cream product which is different to what I usually use so you literally only need a teeny tiny bit of product. It dries into your skin quite quickly although if you use too much product you are left with a nice shiny face haha. I’m really enjoying using this product, even though I’m now almost out!.


Blank Canvas Cosmetic Brushes. F41 Flat tapered cheek brush which is now one of my fave brushes to use ever!!!. It’s flat ended therefore it makes the blush just glide onto your cheek. I usually use my big real techniques blush brush but I’m finding it hard to go back to using after using this brush for a month now.  F31 Targeted contour brush is a little hard ok a lot harder than my usual real techniques brush that I use to contour with. I have tried to use this brush rather than my usual one but I’m struggling with it as it doesn’t for me blend that well and I feel it takes me longer to contour.  I do however really like the colour of these brushes rose gold and gold.  Whilst I like these brushes real techniques will always be my faves.


The final thing in the box this month is some stickers. I’m 28 so for me stickers aren’t really my thing however I do like that they are in gold but I have zero use for them.

Overall I am pleased with the products so far and I look forward to seeing what’s in the next draw/compartment as to be honest I haven’t really looked at the contents of this box so it’s like a surprise for me haha.

What products are you currently loving?

Thank you for reading xxx

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