|January Favourites|

Happy Friday and Happy February! Thank goodness January is over and done with, it felt like a 100 years!. So pleased it’s a new month and a month closer to spring/summer, and of course my holidays.

Here’s my Jan faves!


Let’s start with make up giving the fact that there’s only one make up item this month!.


This is the Urban Decay Jean-Michel basquiat collab blush palette that I have fallen back in love with!. I really only use the brown shade for contour and the dark pink shade next to it. I used to use the highlight but I’ve been using the Soph palette from Make up Revolution daily. All for shades in this palette are perfect and I am still pleased I picked this up. I use this palette daily and it’s just amazing. I adore the packaging!


The Body Shop Lip Butter is amazing. I adore products from this brand and I especially love there amazing scent range. Naturally as most of you know by now coconut is one of my fave scents and this is incredible. With the cold weather my lips get really dry and this lip butter has been saving me!. I use it on an evening before I got to bed as I feel products work better when you’re sleeping. I do sometimes use this during the day depending of the state of my lips. Highly recommend lip balms and butters in this weather and all year round, as I feel it makes lipsticks go on and look better.


Baylis and Harding limited edition body butter this is part of a set and whilst I have a large range of body butter I”ve been sucked into this one as it smells AMAZING. Of course my other body butter’s smell great too but who doesn’t love a body butter than smells of popcorn. Sweet popcorn is my fave and this smells that good I almost want to eat it!. It like all butters leaves my skin very soft and it takes away the dryness of my skin. However the formula of this product is not as thick as most so you don’t need as much of it.


Pixi Skintreats Glow Tonic is just something else!. I won’t go into great detail as I recently done a post on these products but wow my skin looks 100% better by using this range on a daily bases!. My skin looks brighter and more healthier and my pores aren’t as big as they used to be.

And finally!!!


Unicorn tears Sparkling bubblegum bubble bath is just the best smelling product ever. I love using this in my bath and I got this when I went to York and it’s from a company called The Yorkshire Soap company and they do a lot of handmade products from bath bombs (which I’m also loving) soap, perfumes ect. I can’t get enough of this product.

So there we have it another fave post. What have you been loving in January?

Thank you for reading xxx

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