|February Favourites|

Hi Guys, welcome back to my little blog 🙂

Just gonna drive right in and get started with my Feb faves which appears this month to be all make up related haha.


A mixture of some of my fave brands including  L’Oreal and Benefit! I am obsessed.


I am been loving this foundation for quite some time to the point where I have mentioned it in  a faves post some time ago, but I can’t seem to get enough of it. It’s very full coverage which is perfect if I’m on a long shift at work or if I’m going out for a day/evening. You can build it up as well to get a higher coverage and I feel like it blends so much better using a sponge rather than a brush. Naturally I do use real techniques to blend out my foundation. It does appear to be rather dark when you first dab it onto your brush or sponge but it blends out into a lighter shade which is perfect for me as I’m pale.


I’ve also mentioned this product before in a post but again this month I’ve fallen back in love with it and it’s been my most used lipstick product. This is from the Cheryl Cole range where she has brought out three lip kits and I can’t recommend them enough. They apply really well and are very long lasting!. I love this shade as it’s a darker nude which is great for winter.


My all time fave ever go to concealer from Collection. I’ve used this for a very long time and I re purchase it every time I run out. It lasts all day and really brightens my under eyes. The shade I use is just ‘fair 1’ and it’s the perfect match for me. They have released a new range with even paler shades which I think it’s fab of them to do, as it means they now cater for a wide skin tone range.


Steve Laurant eyeliner is my current go to. I don’t wear eyeliner as much as I used to these days but when I do this one if perfect, as it has a small nimble nib which just creates a lovely thin line and I can occasionally do a good cat eye flick with this product. It’s very precise and lasts for hours. I also love the fact that my eyeliner doesn’t drop when I wear it for a long period of time (if that makes any sense at all).


The new most talked about mascara from Benefit, Bad Gal Bang. I’m obsessed with it!!!! I feel that for me it works well on my lashes and I can see a huge difference in the length and volume. I feel that because the wand is thinner at the end I can get to all of my lashes much easier. I like that I don’t need to apply loads of coats to get the result I want and I’ve only been using the one coat. I really like it, I like the results and how easy it is to apply however my downfall for this like with most mascara’s I have ever used is how difficult it is to remove. I always feel I’ve still got mascara on after I’ve taken it off using micellar water or even eye remover products.

So there we have it another faves post!. I have also FILMED. feb faves which will be on my channel shortly!

What have you been loving this month?

Thank you for reading xxx

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4 thoughts on “|February Favourites|

  1. I been wanting to try that foundation, but as far as I know it won’t be released in Denmark :/ I do think I can find it some where online, but I hate not being able to swatch the product myself and find my exact shade. The L’Oreal lip paints are so popular as well, and on my list 🙂

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    1. I love the paints they do, I just love most L’Oreal products. Such a shame the won’t release products over where you are :(. You should be able to get it online, have you tried eBay or amazon? I know you can purchase Fenty Beauty on amazon so they might also do other brands 🙂


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