|GlossyBox – Beauty Case|

Happy Monday and Happy March!!!!

Another monthly review of the products in the second draw of this fabulous GlossyBox Limited Edition Beauty Case. I’m not sure if you can still purchase this as it was out just before Christmas, however I’m sure they’ll be bringing a one out this year too.

DSC_0305 copy_edited-1DSC_0307_edited-1

A lovely mixture of skincare products with a little lipstick treat. As stated in my last blog post on this beauty case I have NO idea of the contents until I reach another month, so it’s a nice surprise.


Thisworks – In transit camera close-up.  This is a multi purpose product that I have been loving so much. It acts as a mask, moisturiser and primer, perfect for daily use!. I like the consistency of this formula it’s not too much or too little and it absorbs into the skin quite quickly which is perfect if you’re getting ready in a rush. I will definitely be purchasing a full size version of this as I love how my skin looks when I use it. I also adore how multi purpose it is!.


PAWPAW Original balm. This is another multi purpose product as it can be used for your lips, cuticles and nails as well as your skin. This is a soothing balm that helps to provide relief for dry and irritated skin. It can also be used to add the finishing touches to your hair!. What I also like about this product is that it can be used for insect bites which is perfect to take away on holiday with you. I have used this a couple of times, mainly on my cuticles as I’m trying to improves my nails and hands and I must admit they do look better!.


WELEDA since 1921. A wild rose cream body wash which I will admit I’ve not used as I’m just not a huge fan of the fragrance. I’m sure it is a lovely product but not one for me.


Soaper Duper Body Butter. I have used a body wash from this brand and I blooming loved it so when I saw this I was very happy to try out their body butters. This is in the scent Zesty Lemon, which again is not really my kind of smell but it smells very fresh and very similar to my fave Soap and Glory body butter in the scent ‘Sugar Crush. I use this twice as week as I’ve a mountain of body butters to get through, and I’m loving it. I feel like is absorbs well into my skin and it leaves my skin feeling less dry and very moistened.


Rodial Suede Lips. I got this in one of my glossy boxes and after a few try’s found out that I hated it. I felt like I had to drag the product onto my lips and felt it was very drying, so I’ve not tried it out again.


Blank Canvas Cosmetics Cleansing soap. This has to be my fave product from the beauty case so far. It’s a solid brush and sponge soap that is a godsend to me. All you need to do is wet the soap slightly and then begin to wash your make up brushes!. I have used this and feel they have come out very well. I always use soap or baby shampoo to clean my brushes anyway but I would highly recommend picking one of these up.  My brushes look and feel like a new set, although maybe not my foundation brush as I’ve had it for years so it never comes up brand spanking new but I’m very pleased with the results of my brushes!.

Have you tried any of these brands? Any products you would recommend?

Thank you for reading xxx

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