|Glossybox – Beauty Case|

Happy Wednesday, hope you’re all well!

As you know I was bought the limited edition beauty case from Glossybox and as I have cancelled my monthly subscriptions (for now) I am doing a little series on whats inside the beauty case, kind of making it my own monthly subscription as I’ve no idea what’s in each of the compartments.

Lets get started.


There was only three products in this compartment and I was so excited to see make up I know I would use daily. I’ve never really bought any make up items from these three brands so I was very excited to give them a whirl.


Studio 10 Radiance glow kit. I’ve never heard of this brand before but ever since I added this product into my make up routine, I just love it. The kit as you can see consists of bronzing powder and a radiance powder. I adore the bronzer powder as it’s quite a natural one and it suits my complexion well, however the radiance powder I feel doesn’t really do anything for me sadly. The kit is quite handy to have and I do enjoy using it for my all over bronzing needs. I haven’t tried using it as a contour it might work might not, it looks like it would be ok but I prefer the contour shade from an Urban Decay palette that I use daily.


Sleek Blush By 3 Palette –  Santa Marina 087 Nautical Collection. The name and packaging alone just made me excited, as I’m obsessed with all things nautical. I just had a gut feeling I was going to love it and I was right, I’m obsessed with this blush palette!. This palette is inspired by mysterious oceans and clear blue seas. This stunning little palettes consists of 2 matte shades and one shimmer shades. I am naturally drawn to the matte shades rather than the shimmer, and I preferred one to use daily is the dark pink shade.  The shade names are also very appealing, L-R ‘ Calypso Island’, ‘Phoenix Sand’ and ‘Coral Dune’ I have tried all of these shades and they all apply easily and look lovely. You don’t need a lot of product as they are well pigmented.


Pixi by Petra Mesmerizing Mineral Palette. We all know how much I’m a fan of natural  gold shades so when I saw this I was super excited to try it out. I adore the name ‘Copper Peach’ and I adore how well pigmented each of the shades are.


Like the sleek blush palette you don’t need to use a lot of the product I sometimes just apply 2/3 coats just to get the shade I want and they last all day. I find I have no fall out when applying which is great as I don’t end up ruining the rest of my make up. All of the shades make both perfect day time and night time looks, am I am really enjoying the different looks I create from just this one little palette!. I have used this applicator and it applies ok, the shades blend out really well and would definitely purchase more palettes from the Pixi range.

Have you tired any make up from these brands? Anything you would recommend?

Thank you for reading xxx

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